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First batch of Vietnam longan exported to the US market

Wed, 10 Dec 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:57

On December 8th, the first batch of Vietnam longan was exported to the US market by airway. Although the price of air freight is much higher than sea freight, it is expected that the price of Vietnam longan will fluctuate from 20 to 25 dollars/ 1 kg.

Deputy Director of Vietnam Plant Protection Department Hoang Trung said that after 2 months since the United States officially allowed the import of longan and litchi fruits from Vietnam, Vietnam Plant Protection Department in collaboration with domestic fruit export companies and irradiation plants already completed necessary conditions at the request of the US plant epidemiology control to export these fruits. On December 8th, the first batch of Vietnamese longan with the weight of 900 kg was officially exported by airway to the US market by Anh Duong Sao Co., Ltd. According to the disclosure of Anh Duong Sao, the first batch of Vietnam longan entered into Los Angeles market (California). This first batch was irradiated in accordance with American market's provisions.


Vietnam Longan


Earlier, in November, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which belongs to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) granted identification numbers for longan growing regions in Vietnam such as Ben Tre, Dong Thap... Mr. Hoang Trung said that in addition to Anh Duong Sao Co., Ltd., there are other fruits and vegetable's export companies in Vietnam has prepared plans to export longan fruits to American market in the next times. In addition to airway, Vietnam enterprises have planned to export longan fruits by sea in large quantities.


Longan sweet soup


Referring to the prospects of longan export markets in the United States, Mr. Trung said: "All legal procedures for export have been completed. The prospect of exporting longans to the US market is depending on the market feedback. This is the first time Vietnam export longans to US“. Recently, Vietnam Plant Protection Department along with fruit export companies under the support of American experts are working to complete procedures as required by US to export litchi to American market in 2015. The Department is also working with Australian plant quarantine delegation to export litchi to this country. Accordingly, on December 8th, the Australian delegation visited irradiation plants in Ho Chi Minh City to inspect technical standards, operating procedures, packing process, and so on. Australia will also visit longan and litchi growing regions in Vietnam to inspect and decide whether allowing the import of these Vietnamese fruits or not.


Longan tree


Currently, Vietnam has over 60,000 hectares of growing longan. In the Mekong Delta River, longan trees are grown in Vinh Long (9,520 ha), Dong Thap (4,780 ha), Tien Giang (5,460 ha), Ben Tre (4,609 ha)... US opening door for Vietnamese longan export will open new prospects for this Vietnamese fruit. Accordingly, the cost of purchasing raw materials for Vietnamese longan is about 2 USD/kg, the irradiation cost is around 1 USD/kg, and the air freight is approximately 3-4 USD/kg. In the long term strategy, Vietnam enterprises will export longans to American market by sea to save costs. Being supported by a favorable weather and climate condition, Vietnamese fruit has recently become an attractive product in world market, especially in the US. Vietnam is expanding fruit export to some strict markets as Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan, etc.

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