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The biggest Vietnam terracotta cultural park opened

Fri, 22 May 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:29

The biggest Vietnam terracotta cultural park has been opened in Thanh Ha Pottery Village to welcome tourists to visit in Hoi An tours. The Thanh Hoa Terracotta Cultural Park has five main areas characterizing outstanding beauty of Vietnam culture.

Thanh Ha Terracotta Cultural Park is one of unique architectural works in Vietnam. The park is a new attraction in Hoi an. Inspired by broaching table as the development cycle of the Thanh Ha Village, and the pictures of bottom-up oven, bottom-down oven symbolizing the molding's changes of yin and yang, Thanh Ha Terracotta Cultural Park creates a cultural space connecting visitors and the village, and between villages. Here is the hosting place of camps, as well as a center of research and development of various products of Thanh Ha Pottery Village in the context of integration...


Thanh Ha Terracotta Cultural Park


Thanh Ha Terracotta Park includes five functional areas, including Nam Dieu Village, creating camp, trade promotion, pottery museum, and out-door exhibition. In museum area, visitors can explore about the development process of the village through artifacts, models, pictures, and reliefs... At the the out-door exhibition, there is a series of famous world wonders which are in miniature and reproduced vividly such as Pyramids of Egypt, Parthenon, Colosseum, Arc de Triomphe, Pisa Tower, or Sydney Opera House... along with historical sites and famous cities in Vietnam, such as Temple of Literature, Hue Citadel, or Hoi An Ancient Town. Apart from exhibiting thousands of typical products of Thanh Ha Pottery Village, the park also introduces pottery technology of famous traditional craft villages in Vietnam, such as Bat Trang, Tho Ha, Phu Lang, Chu Dau, and Huong Canh...

The biggest Vietnam terracotta cultural park has an area of nearly 6,000 square meters with the total capital of nearly 22 billion dong. The park is constructed in Thanh Ha Pottery Village - an over 500-year-old pottery village near romantic and gentle Thu Bon River. Most of materials of the park are soil and water. The architectural space is described like a broaching table as the center of the overall layout. Two main blocks of the work (including museum and exhibition area) are stylized from the image of two kinds of furnace: bottom-up and bottom-down ovens (like the opinion of yin and yang in Oriental culture). In which, the museum is the up-side block as the retention of traditional values. The volume open display is seen as an openness for the development and cultural exchanges.


Miniature Template of Literature in Thanh Ha Terracotta Park


The construction of the biggest Vietnam terracotta work is from 7/2011, with the size of nearly 7000 square meters. Thanh Ha Terracotta Cultural Park takes the image of broaching table as the overall layout, including functional areas such as ceramic village, museum, trade promotion area, creating camp, and outdoor exhibition. At the area of trade promotion, visitors can admire the traditional products and souvenirs made by pottery. Specifically, the outdoor site of the project is the micro showcase of the national cultural heritages in Vietnam such as Hue Citadel, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town... or models of famous works in the world, which creates a miniature complex of cultural heritages with unique ceramic material.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Director of NhaVietcorp - the investor of the park shared that the terracotta cultural park would contribute to the reservation of traditional villages in Hoi An, creating jobs for idle people; at the same time, it creates a unique characteristics in trade promotion and tourism in Hoi An. With the main building materials as Thanh Ha pottery in the harmonic combination with design, the park brings an ancient atmosphere of the craft village to visitors. Thanh Ha Terracotta Cultural Park will become one of interesting attractions in Hoi An in the time coming.

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