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40th Anniversary of Vietnam - New Zealand relation

Mon, 09 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

In the afternoon of February 5th, 2015, a press conference on a subject of “New Zealand - Open to the New" was held to kick off the 40th Anniversary of Vietnam - New Zealand relations. The press conference was organized by New Zealand Embassy.

According to the information shared by New Zealand Embassy, Vietnam is the 20th largest trading partner of New Zealand. It is expected that in 2015, the two-way turnover between Vietnam - New Zealand will reach one billion dollar.  Speaking at the press conference,  New Zealand's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Vietnam - Mr. Hakie Manning - stated that this anniversary year was not only a good chance to look back on successful co-operations between two countries but also a great opportunity to focus on expanding co-operation in next years. Although Vietnam - New Zealand relation is greatly developing, nonetheless, there are many chances in the future to promote the effective and close co-operation in fields of politics, tourism, education, trade, and bilateral investments.


Mr. Hakie Manning speaks at the press conference


Vietnam - New Zealand diplomatic relations has been established since 1975, however, the bilateral cooperation between two countries have been significantly promoted by high-level visits in 10 preceding years. As a result, the two-side turnover is exponentially grown. Aid programs for Vietnam implemented by New Zealand become more and more effective. Especially, in 2009, Vietnam and New Zealand officially signed Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement to promote the bilateral cooperation. On the international front, Vietnam and New Zealand always closely cooperated in international trade negotiations. Both countries are members of Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP).

Up to June 2014, the two-side trade increased 23%, which was equivalent to 875 million USD. Vietnam is considered as New Zealand's export market gaining the fastest growth in ASEAN region. Vietnamese and New Zealand citizens have had their own personal experiences when consuming products amd traveling to the friend country. In 2014, there were approximately 30,000 New Zealand citizens visiting Vietnam. New Zealand export products in Vietnam are mainly dairy products (51%) and forestry products (15%).  Vietnamese people are getting more and more familiar with New Zealand's products such as milk, apple, kiwi, and wine. Vice versa, New Zealand consumers are aware of Vietnam goods such as coffee, pepper, cashew, garments, cell phones and other tropical fruits. Besides, New Zealand's long-term aid program for Vietnam with the total budget of over 30 million USD in three preceding years has brought many practical and sustainable benefits for Vietnamese citizens.


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In the press conference, Mr. Le Hoai Trung - Vietnam Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Vietnam and New Zealand had great potentials to promote cooperation, especially in the frame work of multilateral and regional cooperation. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of establishing Vietnam - New Zealand diplomatic relations, New Zealand Embassy will organize a series of events on a theme of "New Zealand - Open to the New" to introduce special features of the country.  There are many activities and events will take place including Food and Wine Festival, Education and Culture Exhibition, Fashion Project Cooperation, "New Zealand - Open to the New" Contest and a plenty of other programs. Famous New Zealand Chefs will visit Vietnam to introduce the country cuisine. "We hope that we can persuade Vietnamese people to visit our country. In 2015, Vietnamese people will have many chances to know about our country”, Mr. Hakie Manning shared.

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