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The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition Vietnam

Thu, 02 Apr 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:04

The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition Vietnam taking place in Hang Da Galleria will be the convergence of famous artists in the world along with their masterpieces. This is an opportunity for watercolor art lovers to learn about this art genre.

The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition Vietnam will be held in Hanoi. The event is organized by Vietnam International Watercolor Society. The exhibition will takes place from 10:00 on April 11 to 19:00 on April 16, 2015. The venue of this exhibition is at Hang Da Galleria, Cua Dong Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The exhibition is the convergence of more than 90 paintings of over 40 world-renowned watercolor artists from UK, USA, France, Italy, Turkey, Canada, China, Poland, Hungary, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Uruguay... and IWS Vietnam watercolor painter groups. There are typical artists of the exhibition, namely, Bùi Duy Khánh (Vietnam), Liu Yi (China), Stan Miller (US), Atanur (Canada – Founder of IWS), Direk Kingnok (Thailand), Jia Li (China), Chien Chungwei (China), Alvaro Castanet (Uruguay), Keiko Hoshino (Japan), Ng WoonLam (Singapore), Thomas Schaller (US)... and other artists.


International Watercolour Exhibition Vietnam 2015


IWS - Vietnam (International Watercolor Society Vietnam) is a watercolor art community under the branch of international IWS. The event is established to develop the Watercolor Vietnam Art. Besides, it is necessary to find and collect water- color artists to create a solid community of IWS in general and IWS-Vietnam in particular. Therefore, IWS-Vietnam warmly welcomes professional artists, amateurs, and students, as well as all those who love Vietnam watercolour art to participate in posting their works of watercolor art to have more opportunities to interact and learn to make watercolor art of Vietnam integrate with the international art.

This is the first time International Watercolor Exhibition is held in Vietnam. It helps not just to put the genre closer to the public, but also to introduce the image of Vietnam to international friends. It will be one of promising exhibitions in Hanoi this year. This exhibition will recommend something about this event to all of art lovers in general and watercolors in particular. The exhibition will be maily held in two days on 11th and 12th of April at Hang Da Galleria. During the two days, visitors will have a chance to witness the completion of paintings in the exhibition's workshop by 5 artists: Bui Duy Khanh, Liu Yi, Stan Miller, C, and Direk Kingok. Through the exhibition, visitors will get an overview about the watercolor art of the world as well as of Vietnam, and immerse in the flow of human art.


Hang Da Galleria


Earlier, painters of Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand went out together to paint. After the exhibition in Hanoi, the artists will open a series of similar event in Malaysia. This program is carried out with the desire that artists should use raw water colors more often and more professionally, rather than to sketch or use in current design. Art critic Phan Cam Thuong commented on works of the exhibition: "Paintings of Malaysian and Thai artists, we see realistic art being respected as the basis for drawing by water colors. Vietnamese artists' paintings are still spontaneous and imaginable than real. Thus, two types are different, resulting in difference in technique of using water colors. Watercolor Exhibition in Hanoi is not just an occasion for the public to admire watercolour artworks, but also a chance for learning, creating, and exchanging culture.

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