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Cruise from Italy to Vietnam canceled due to nCoV

Mon, 17 Feb 2020. Last updated Tue, 18 Feb 2020 11:04

After travel ban from Quang Ninh province, a cruise from Italy to Vietnam with 1116 passengers cancelled their entire trip in Vietnam. Moreover, this February, a number of international cruises were cancelled, too.

Recently, Mr Nguyen Quang Thang, General Director of Tictours Travel (which should have welcome Aida Vita Cruise at Nha Trang), said that the Italy cruise informed to cancel the entire trip in Vietnam, including Halong Bay, Da Nang (Feb 15), Nha Trang (February 17), and Ho Chi Minh (February 18). A passenger on Aida Vita feeded on social network on February 13: “ We are moving to Bangkok instead of Vietnam, it’s nice, and this is a great improvisation of Aida”. 

According to Mr Thang, it is not only the loss of travel agents when they prepared all to welcome tourists, but also Vietnam attractions under the view of world cruises. On February 12, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism sent letters to international partners and confirmed that “tourists to Vietnam during this time are always guaranteed in safety”. Tourist attractions in Vietnam, historical relics, and restaurants are still open as normal.

The voyage started from Bali (Indonesia) on January 17, passing by nine ports of Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, and it did not stop at any ports of China or Hong Kong before coming to Halong Bay. “Passengers and crew on Aida Vita are 95% of German, and no one is Asian”, Mr Thang said. One day before, February 11, People's Committees of Quang Ninh decided not to allow Aida Vita ship to dock at Cai Lan Port, in Ha Long; which made all passengers and crew not able to get on land to visit as scheduled.

Norwegian Jade cruise ship

A series of international voyages to Vietnam with nearly 20 thousands passengers in February is cancelled. Norwegian Cruise Line has just announced to cancel their upcoming Norwegian Jade voyage as cannot apply for permission to dock in Vietnam. “Due to increasing threat of Coronavirus outbreak in Asia, all ports in Vietnam do not allow international travel ships to dock”, Christine Da Silva - the company’s spokesman said to USA Today on February 14. Instead of applying for other ports, the cruise line cancelled all the voyage, because if missing Vietnam, the next itinerary will be affected.

According to Mr Phan Xuan Anh, representative of Du Ngoan Viet Company serving Norwegian Jade, the ship will dock at Nha Trang Port and Phu My Port. More than 2300 passengers will visit Ponagar Tower, Long Son Pagoda, Museum of History in Ho Chi Minh, Giac Lam Pagoda, Ben Thanh Market, etc. In February, other cruises having a partnership with Du Ngoan Viet Company had to cancel their trips to Vietnam, including  Silver Spirit cruise with 500 passengers to Ho Chi Minh, and Crystal Symphony cruise with 800 passengers to Da Nang and Ha Long.

Tourists from cruise ship

From February 8 to 19, the company failed to welcome four cruises with nearly 6000 passengers at all ports in Vietnam. The company’s representative said that the cruises will cancel trips to Vietnam until May. Meanwhile, Mr Vu Duy Vu, Vice General Director of Saigontourist said, in February, cruise partners of the company cancelled four to five voyages to Vietnam. There are about 2500 passengers on average each ship. The company lost 13 thousands passengers in total. Tourist companies said that this is a great loss to Vietnam tourism, when tourists on cruise have a high spending level. Furthermore, travel companies suffered a huge loss when they prepared everything in advance. 


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