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Vietnam greatly contributes AMM47 success

Fri, 29 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:48

In AMM-47, Vietnam has greatly contributed to implementing the main and priority points of ASEAN and the region on building community, connection, cooperation in many fields, as well as the orientation of ASEAN development after 2015.

47th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and related conferences took place in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar from August 8 to 10, 2014. The meeting and other conferences ended with many positive results. Deputy Foreign Minister, Pham Quang Vinh, Head of the delegation of the Vietnam ASEAN Senior Officials shared the success of the conference and the contributions of Vietnam in the agenda at Naypyidaw.

According to the deputy, the main point, and major results of the 47th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and other related conferences include the following points:

This is the most important conference of ASEAN at ministerial level. This is the unique opportunity to meet all 10 ASEAN partners, along with meeting the annual ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). In addition, there is the Ministerial Conference of Mekong with relevant partners, about 20 meetings during over two days (8 - 10-8-2014). The conferences have focused to review and propose directions to promote the cooperation in both intra-ASEAN relations as well as between ASEAN and its partners, and exchange views on regional issues and international interest. These meetings showed many important results.




First, ASEAN reaffirmed their determination to implement timely and effectively Roadmap for an ASEAN Community; ensure the goal of the ASEAN Community on December 31, 2015. In the appreciation of the fact that ASEAN has implemented nearly 80% line of action set out in the Roadmap, countries agreed to accelerate efforts remaining lines of action, increase collaboration, and connectivity in the ASEAN region, and strengthen sub-regional cooperation, including Mekong Delta. To bring ASEAN development to a new level, ASEAN should have an ASEAN Community Vision after 2015. Second, ASEAN and partner countries have confirmed the importance of maintaining the environment of peace, security, stability and cooperation in the region, in the complicated context of the region. The ASEAN ministers also stressed the need to strengthen solidarity and promote the role and key responsibilities of each country in the area, as well as in the regional shaped being shaped. Along with its partners, ASEAN confirmed to appreciate the importance and value of standards of conduct, cooperation frameworks in such regions as TAC, DOC, SEANFWZ, ARF, EAS, ADMM+....

Third, ASEAN discussed its counterparts about measures to further strengthen the framework of cooperation and partnership through promoting the implementation of the Action Plan between ASEAN and each partner, and preparation of the next Action Plan. The partners determined to strongly advocate a sustainable and strong ASEAN, along with promote central role in the region, commit to strengthen cooperation in the priority areas of ASEAN on community building, connectivity, commerce, investment, finance, responses to emerging challenges, promote to complete negotiations on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in East Asia. Fourth, about the South China Sea issue, Ministers paid a special attention, expressed their deep concerns about recent tensions in the region, and stressed the need not to recur the same thing. Emphasizing peace, stability, security and maritime safety in the South China Sea, in conventions, ministers required parties to comply with international law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNCLOS).


Vietnam contribution

Representatives in the AMM-47


Vietnam delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh attended the conference, co-chaired ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting as the coordinator of the ASEAN-EU relations, and has made positive contributions and responsibilities in strengthening solidarity and ASEAN's common voice on priority themes of the Conference.

First, Vietnam has greatly contributed in the ASEAN's primary goal which is to maintain the environment of peace, security and stability in the region to serve the goal of community building and development.

Second, Vietnam highly appreciated the solidarity and promotion of ASEAN in its key roles and responsibilities in the region, and strategic issues related to peace, security, stability and cooperation in the region, including the South China Sea issue. It is necessary to build a regional structure based on current cooperation processes along with the interests and characteristics of the region.

Third, Vietnam has closely coordinated with other ASEAN's countries to build and enhance the agreement of ASEAN on arising issues in the area, including the South China Sea issue. Accordingly, ministers have agreed to assign ASEAN Senior Officials (SOM) to specify measures and mechanisms of ensuring strict implementations.

Fourth, Vietnam supported ASEAN to continue to expand and deepen relationships with partners, create a favorable environment and take advantage of resources for the process of building ASEAN Community, promote cooperations in mutually beneficial areas such as connectivity, economy, commerce, narrowing the development gap... As being the coordinator for ASEAN-EU relations, Vietnam has co-chaired the ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting, proposed and promoted measures to strengthen bilateral ties towards strategic partnership, encouraged EU to positively contribute to the peace, stability and confidence building as well as support the central role of ASEAN in the evolving regional structure. Vietnam also suggested that the two sides should continue their efforts to implement effectively ASEAN-EU Action Plan 2013-2017, strengthen consultations on economic cooperation at the ministerial level as well as organize ASEAN-EU Business Summit.

These contributions of Vietnam are highly appreciated. On the sidelines of the conference, Vietnam also had several bilateral meetings to discuss bilateral cooperation as well as issues of mutual interest in the conference.

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