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Japan will invest in Mekong River Delta agriculture

Thu, 06 Nov 2014. Last updated Tue, 03 Apr 2018 16:14

Acknowledging Southwestern area is a precious land in the world, Japan decides to start is investment in Mekong River Delta agriculture. Both of two countries, Vietnam and Japan paid working visits to seek investment opportunities in two countries.

At the invitation of Organizing Committee for Mekong Delta Economic Cooperation (MDEC) - Soc Trang 2014 Forum, Japanese delegation of 50 members as associations and banks will attend the meeting to promote trade and investment in Mekong River Delta agriculture and rural development in the framework of MDEC. During the working visit in Can Tho City, Mr. Kohey Wananabe, Chairman of Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee (under Chamber of Japanese Commerce and Industry) highly evaluated the potential development of aquaculture and agriculture Mekong River Delta. He said that in this trip there were 28 businesses in the areas of farming, processing, trade, agriculture and fisheries, agricultural machinery manufacturing and financial, etc. This is a great chance for the development of Vietnam economy in general and economic development in Mekong River Delta in particular.

MDEC 2014 Press Conference

"Through the working visit, Japanese companies will understand more about the land and people in Mekong River Delta - a fertile land, the precious resource of the world. Japan has strength in manufacturing machinery, processing technology, storage, and many corporations have strong potentials. Japanese businesses look forward to working with the Mekong Delta to promote potential advantages of the region", said Kohei Watanabe. Mr. Nguyen Phong Quang, Deputy Head of the Standing Board of South West Steering Committee said, Mekong Delta accounts for 12% area of the country, with the population of nearly 18 million. Each year, the entire region contributes 90% of rice exports, accounting for 2% market share of the world rice trade. The region also provides markets with 70% of fruit production and aquaculture. In 2013, the Mekong River Delta reached the agricultural productivity of over 6 billion, contributing 60% to Vietnam export.

At the meeting, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation to share information and best human resources to promote investment, economic cultural and social cooperation, especially agriculture and rural development, to create conditions for Vietnam businesses in Mekong Delta and Japanese businesses to exchange and learn towards concrete cooperation. Earlier last October 2014, the delegation led by the Ibaraki prefecture’s Governor, Mr. Hashimoto Masaru paid a working visit in Dong Thap Province to seek opportunities for cooperation in agriculture between the two localities. Mr. Hashimoto Masaru appreciated agricultural potential of Dong Thap. He said that after returning his country, he would find appropriate methods of cooperation, as well as enabling Dong Thap's trainee to study manufacturing experience in Ibaraki. Earlier, in mid-September 2014, a delegation in Southwestern provinces led by Nguyen Quoc Viet, Deputy Head of Steering Committee along with leaders of Can Tho City paid a visit to Japan. The purpose of this visit is to boost economic and investment relation with Japan in fields of agricultural cooperation, farming, fishery, aquacultural export, human resources, investment invitation, business cooperation, commercial service, and other strengths of the region.

Mr. Truong Tan Sang in Ibaraki prefecture

During the time in Japan, the delegation visited and worked in Sapporo City. Here, the Vietnam delegation was introduced a golf course construction in Sapporo invested by Takao Group. Through a practical survey about the investment of the group in Japan, the Vietnam delegation hoped to cooperate and invest in a golf course in Mekong River and some investment cooperation in other areas of the Group's strengths and potential of the Mekong Delta. In addition, the delegation visited, researched in plants of agricultural machinery manufacturing, and worked with leaders of Agricultural Engineering Companies of Kubota and Honda. The delegation also met and worked with representative of International Friendship Exchange Council (FEC) of Japan.

Japanese side appreciated the efforts of Vietnam in country development, in international relations in general and Vietnam and Japan cooperative relations in particular, which is very practical and effective. In Chiba, provincial leaders took Vietnam delegation to visit actual high-tech models of agricultural production in the province like growing tomatoes, sweet potatoes, agro-ecological resort and seafood export processing plants in the province. Through contacts and mutual exchange of information and corporation, Japanese enterprises especially leading groups in the field of agricultural production research in Japan appreciate the opportunity of cooperation and investment in Mekong River Delta, and desire to visit this area in the near future to seek investment opportunities.

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