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Hanoi Old Quarter implements the major relocation

Mon, 26 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

Hanoi Old Quarter is the most bustling area in the capital with many restaurants, bars, commercial centers, and thousands of households. Hanoi is planning to relocate several households to reduce dense population here.

Having received the permission of Vietnamese government, People’s Committee of Hanoi is planning to relocate a number of households living in the Old Quarter area in order to expand tourism space, create favorable conditions for preserving the heritage and provide people with better houses. Instead of having to live in cramped, dark and degrading houses, they will be moved into Viet Hung urban area which possesses modern infrastructures and fresh air environment.

Nevertheless, besides those who desire to leave, several households are still in consideration. Earning living is the most major reason why many people do not want to leave the Old Quarter area regardless of living conditions there are considered a hardship for them. Almost all of them live on tea shops, souvenir stalls, bakery cabinets, and street food restaurants which are set up right on pavements of streets in the Old Quarter Hanoi. Millions of tourists visit here every year. Therefore, a small seat on the pavement can make money much easier than elsewhere. It is not to mention houses that have the frontage facing streets; owners of those houses can do a large business or rent space and live a prosperous life. Meanwhile, moving into a new location, no matter how convenient it is, they have to find a new way to cover their livings.


Hang Ngang Street


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Que, 65 years old, living at 47 Hang Bac Street said that her house was assessed one of the oldest houses in Hanoi with the age of over 100 years. It lies in the conversation project by the State. With an area of over 200 square meters, 6 families with about 50 people are located here. Que’s family lives in an area of 18 square meters and a loft with 8 people in three generations. Therefore, when informed about the relocation project to preserve old houses, she and other families in this house number totally agree. However, she wishes that the government will compensate for people adequately.  Sharing this view, Mr. Nguyen Tan Duoc stated that he also desired to move but he still worried about how to earn living and how the infrastructure was. If it was not for the public benefit, he would not move because relocation would affect family activities. 


Hang Non Street


Another reason that makes local people confused is the financial resource to afford a new apartment in Viet Hung urban area. However, Vietnamese government has confirmed that moving households will be provided with an adequate compensation to buy a new house in Viet Hung urban area. Especially, the government also creates favorable conditions for facilitating legal procedures to move. Nevertheless, relocation project is still facing many difficulties that requires the participation of many agencies and department to achieve results as expected.

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