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The colorful beauty of Vietnam Autumn

Mon, 20 Oct 2014. Last updated Sat, 15 Nov 2014 11:33

Autumn is the most beautiful season in one year for many people; therefore, this is an idea time for traveling with families or friends. Being known as a beautiful country, Vietnam has many fascinating attractions in the fall waiting to be explored.

Zephyr-like Hanoi in sunny autumn


Hanoi in autumn


When referring to the most attractive destinations in Vietnam Autumn, it is impossible without mentioning Hanoi. Hanoi has the most seductive beauty in the fall – the time when the sun and sky is gentler and the tender sunshine is spreading in every corner of the capital. Hanoi autumn is a favorite subject of not only poetry but also photography.  The bright sunshine stretching out in all streets is the endless inspiration of many photographers. Hanoi Autumn is so sweet and captivated that anyone visiting Hanoi in the fall will never forget its spectacular beauty. This beauty comes from chilly dawn and quiet roads tinted with yellow colors of fallen leaves and clear sky with blue clouds.


Ha Giang tinted with pink color of buckwheat flowers


Beautiful flowers in Ha Giang


Pink fields of buckwheat flowers spreading in Ha Giang have created a hard-to-resist appeal for tourists in recent years.  Ha Giang Autumn reminds its lovers the gorgeous images of romantic fields of buckwheat flowers. From Hanoi, tourists can travel to Ha Giang by coach or by motorbike to explore famous attractions of the province such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi, etc. to make own experiences. Rice terraces, buckwheat flowers, or anything in Ha Giang can leave people nostalgia. Buckwheat flowers often bloom in the late autumn from mid-October to November and December. Firstly, these flowers have white color, then they gradually turn into pink and finally become red.  Buckwheat flowers are very tiny with bunched wings and three triangle faces creating conical shape. Besides, leaves of this flower also have triangular shape; therefore, Vietnamese people often call it as "tam giac mach", which means triangle flowers. Buckwheat flowers has the great appeal to tourists, therefore, recently, Ha Giang has replicated it in many locations to meet the demands of travelers who desire to admire the flowers.


The Mekong Delta in the floating season


Friendly Southwesterners


As the date of nature, from August to November in lunar calendar, the Mekong Delta is in a period of the floating season. Water from the upstream of the Mekong River overflowing into An Giang Province and Dong Thap Province brings its residents large fishery resources. Tourists are waiting for the floating season to visit Mekong Delta and enjoy immerse rivers with many famous specialties of the region. Especially, in the floating season, travelers can visit many well-known floating markets such as Cai Rang, Phung Hiep, Cai Be. It is really a wonderful opportunity to immerse in the world of waterway and enjoy many tropical products. Sitting on a local boat to go sightseeing these floating markets, sometimes, tourists can see can see many types of multicolored and tropical fruits are sold such as mangoes, oranges, rambutan, dragon fruit, grapefruit, and so on.  The markets are so boisterous with laughs of buyers and sellers.


Sapa in the ripen rice season


Sapa with rice terrace field


Sapa Autumn has the magnificent beauty of yellow rice terraces in the ripen rice season.  Each season in Sapa has its own beauty, however, in September and October, Sapa becomes more inviting for tourists to savor the the grandeur and brilliance of terraced fields. Being voted as one of 7 most beautiful and magnificent terrace fields in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Sapa Autumn has the exceptional beauty with the yellow of ripen rice covering all of its villages including Trung Chai, Sa Pa, Ta Phin, Lao Chai, and Ta Van. There is nothing more poetic and romantic than traveling on winding roads with the fragrance of local flowers and enjoying vast and yellow rice fields in cool breezes.


Lan Ha Bay - A paradise of autumn tourism


Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba Island


Lan Ha Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the Bay. This is an ideal place for tourists to visit and go sightseeing in beautiful sceneries, cool climate, and emerald beaches.

Autumn here creates visitors a sense very close to nature. The brilliant sunshine mixed with cool breezes from the ocean bringing tourists the feeling of totally relaxation and refreshment in every breath.  The seascapes in Lan Ha Bay look like a paradise with small stones, white sand beaches, floating houses, small boats of fishermen on the crystal water.

With the cool climate of autumn, tourists can to discover Cai Beo floating market or Cat Ba Island by rowing boats. Besides, tourists can also enjoy kayaking to explore Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of small and big islands and stopping in a white sand beach to take a stroll.  It is a wonderful moment when swimming in emerald beaches or sunbathing on the sand in the romantic sceneries of nature to hear bird singings and the sound of waves lapping to the shore.

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