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Discount on sleep pods at Hanoi airport

Thu, 23 Apr 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

SleepPods at Hanoi airport cost cheaper than that in other countries with 120,000 VND per hour for a single pod, and 130,000 VND per hour for a double pod. The service will help passengers and visitors have their own privacy and comfort at the airport.

The model of mini hotel also known as sleeping box service becomes popular in many airports in the world, especially in England, Germany, Russia, America, Japan, and China... The service is favored by a large number of passengers. Now, the sleeping pods at Vietnam airports appear. Noi Bai International Airport is the first airport in Vietnam providing the service. Let's imagine that you are visiting a modern city, but you cannot book hotel, what should you do? With sleep pods, everybody have chances to stay overnight in safety and cheapness in urgent case, or in waiting time for baggage at the airport. The demand of taking a rest and working at the airport is increasing. Many global airlines are having their plans to expand market.


Inner sleep pod at Hanoi airport


Since April 15, passengers using the sleep pods at Noi Bai International Airport will pay 120,000 VND/hour for one single pod, and 130,000 VND/hour for a double pod. If passengers use the service for more than 6 hours, the above-mentioned rates will be reduced by 15,000 VND/hour. The newly released rates are 40% discounted. At Hanoi airport, sleep pods are designed with an area of 4 square meters and 3 meters high. There are modern equipment such as bed, phone, electricity fan, television, and Wi-Fi. The rate includes 10% VAT, food, drink and wet tissue. The inner space is comfortable, cool and ensures the privacy and silence. In the sleeping pods, there are book guide introducing famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.


SleepPods at Noi Bai International Airport


In comparison to other international airports, the service of sleep pods at Hanoi airport is cheaper. To specify, at airports of Russia, Singapore, UK, or America, the price of sleeping pods fluctuates from 10 - 30 USD/hour (equal to 210,000VND - 640,000 VND per hour). Sleep pods are seen as a mini hotel in the center of an airport. The service is welcomed in Singpore, Germany, Russia, Japan, and UK... It is firstly presented in Vietnam to serve passengers and visitors. Vietnam Aviation Tourism Company is a new enterprise founded in 2013. The firm operates in the field of providing tourism services to aviation passengers and real estate investment. The sleep pods at Noi Bai Airport are designed and manufactured carefully to make sure to meet the needs of passengers. Being arranged in the center of the airport, the sleeping pods are ideal choices for passengers who lack time or want to have private space.

The sleep pod service is one of leading innovations in the aviation field which provides a new and unique experience in hotel business. The sleeping box has an area of 4 square meters. It is designed and manufactured carefully to make sure to meet all needs of passengers. In each box, there are sleeping entertainment devices and basic items like a mini hotel such as beds, wardrobes, blankets, cushions, clothes hangers, telephone, Wi-Fi, alarm clock, and books... In addition to the amenities mentioned above, passengers using the sleeping boxes at Noi Bai Airport are served free drinks and snacks. Sleeping pod is ideal for travelers who want to have their own space to relax, entertain or work at a crowded airport as Noi Bai International Airport.

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