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Mau Son Summer Tourism Week inaugural ceremony

Mon, 18 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

Recently, Mau Son Summer Tourism Week has already kicked off in Mau Son Resort, Lang Son – a mountainous province in Nothern Vietnam. This is an opening event for a traveling season in Lang Son, which is a chance to promote tourism in the province.

On May 17, at Mau Son tourist area in Loc Binh District in Lang Son Province, the Mau Son Summer Tourism Week was held by Lang Son Tourism, Sports, and Culture Department. The opening ceremony attracts thousands of local people and tourists. This is a good chance for tourism in Lang Son and local people in Mau Son Tourist Area to introduce featured cultural specialties to neighboring provinces and international tourists such as traditional costumes of Mau Son mountainous ethnic groups and other typical specialties...


A view of Mau Son Resort


After the opening ceremony of Mau Son Summer Tourism Week, activities of costumes performances of mountainous region, seminar on "Mau Son mountainous cultural values exploitation for tourism development", bike racing along with BIDV to conquer Mau Son Mountain for the 1st time. Phat Chi Climbing Contest, Mau Son Camping Festival, Mau Son Specialties display... These activities appeal a large number of locals and tourists. Towards the celebration of 55th year of Vietnam tourism establishment, as well as promulgation tourism in Lang Son to create favorable condition to exchange experience on tourism development as well as strengthening economy, culture, and society, Mau Son Summer Tourism Week was organized in Mau Son Resort.


Religious ceremony of opening Mau Son tourism festival


The inaugural ceremony of Mau Son Tourism Week was characterized by many outstanding art performances, and interesting activities. In the framework of Mau Son Summer Tourism Week, there are other following activities, including performances of Mau Son mountainous ethnic costumes, themed seminar, bike racing, chicken fighting contest, camping festival, climbing contest, and display of typical products of Mau Son... To make Mau Son Tourism Week go smoothly and meaningfully to promote tourism in Lang Son, as well as to ensure the security, safety, sanitation, and savings, from May 8 to the end of May, Lang Son Department of Tourism, Sports and Culture organizes propagandas in local areas to raise awareness of local residents, and travel agents in Lang Son and neighboring provinces. Lang Son tourism is also promoted in national press channels and propaganda activities at the tourist area and the city of Lang Son.


Morning in Bac Son Rice Valley


Mau Son tourist area is a mountainous place in the northeast of Lang Son. The mountain area has a various terrain with an area of 550 square kilometers. In winter, the temperature in Mau Son decreases to bellow zero. This is the residence of ethnic minority groups of Dao, Nung, and Tay. From 1995, the French planned and built a resort here. Todays, Lang Son is having architectures constructed to serve for relaxation and tourism in Mau Son. Specialties in Mau Son are “snow” tea, wild chicken, wild lemon, and Mau Son wine... Coming to Mau Son these days, tourists will have a chance to explore many interesting things. It will be an ideal trip to escape thee heat in delta area to come to the cool atmosphere off the mountainous area.

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