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Hue T-junction overpass nearly completes

Mon, 09 Mar 2015. Last updated Sat, 28 Mar 2015 10:21

Hue T-junction overpass is has 3 levels and 50 spans. It has the total length of over 2km. The T-junction will be put into operation after over 640 day construction. It is the first 3-level overpass in Vietnam and will complete in the next 20 days.

In the next 20 days, Hue T-junction overpass (Da Nang) will be put into operation at the same time with the anniversary of Da Nang Liberation Day (March 29). The work has a 1-level scale with the investment capital of 1,797 billion dong (in BT form: Build – Transfer). Hue T-junction flyover in Da Nang City is the first one in Vietnam. This is an interchange with 3 level structure made of eternal reinforced concrete.

Hue T-junction flyover is located on National Road A1, the gateway to enter Da Nang City. For many years, the area is regarded as a “black point” of traffic jam. When the overpass comes into being, it will contribute to reduce traffic problems at the interchange between National Road A1 and the railway. Previously, when there has not been the flyover, it takes traffic participants about 20-30 minutes to travel from Hoa Khanh to the city center. However, now when the overpass is put into operation, it will reduce the time of traveling down to 10 minutes.


Hue - Da Nang T-junction model


Hue – Da Nang intersection is structured with the ground floor for shunts road not intersecting with the rail. The first floor is elevated roundabouts including 4 lanes of 15 meter wide. The second level is prioritized for the direction from Hue city to Da Nang City center with 4 lanes of 17 meter wide. To invest for the lighting of the bridge, the City People's Committee has approved 25 billion dong to deploy electrical items of lighting and landscaping decoration. The flyover has 491 bored piles which can suffer from earthquakes of 8 level with 50 spans of over 2km. The lighting system is designed to use LEDs to illuminate the piers, shrouds and mounted below the inner concrete surface of the roundabout. The areas of separator and under the bridge are designed for planting trees.

The overpass has a parabola tower which is equipped with the monitoring equipment for wind, earthquake and vibration. In addition, it is also equipped with traffic monitoring systems and tracking devices "health" of the bridge. Mr. Nguyen Duy Hoan architect shared that, apart from being named Hue T-junction, it is also called Phồn Thực Bridge (Fertility Bridge). The architectures will become one of the most highlighted bridges in Da Nang. It is designed based on Cham culture with images of Linga and Yoni. It is really an architectural stress in Da Nang, which symbolizes the union of yin and yang, creation and development. The Linga shaped pylon is 65 meter high, implying for yang, and the roundabout – Yoni as yin.


Hue - Da Nang T-junction under construction


And, the project for Hue – Da Nang T-junction after completion will unfreeze the traffic “flow” at the West - North gateway of Da Nang City. This is the T-junction between with Ton Duc Thang Street, Dien Bien Phu Street and Truong Chinh Street with north - south railway travel through. With 17 designs of 7 local unites, local and international partnerships, the final plan selected to establish investment projects is the torus interchange combined with three-level overpass. The bridge not just contributes greatly to reduce traffic issues, but also to the development of economy, society and tourism in Da Nang and Hue.

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