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Taiwan ranks 4th in foreign investment in Vietnam

Wed, 01 Apr 2015. Last updated Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:22

After the first three months, foreign investment in Vietnam show a positive outlook for the entire year. Specifically, Taiwan is being one of four biggest countries having foreign investment in Vietnam with new projects and more capital added.

In Quarter 1/2015, Taiwan invested 14 new projects and 5 capital added projects in Vietnam, with total registered capital of US $47 million. At present, Taiwan is ranking the fourth among countries and continents having foreign investment in Vietnam. As of March, Taiwan investment in Vietnam has 2401 projects with the total registered capital of approximately US$ 28.5 billion (13% of total projects and 11% of total FDI in Vietnam); the average capital of each project is approximately US $11.8 million. The information is provided by Foreign Investment Department and Ministry of Planning and Investment on March 30.

Accordingly, projects of Taiwan are mainly in fields of processing, manufacturing industries with 1,872 projects. The value of investment is US $23.5 billion, accounting for 78% of the total projects, and 82.5% of total registered capital of Taiwan investment in Vietnam. Ranking the second place is real estate with 26 projects; the value of capital is US $1.69 billion, comprising for 6% of the total capital of Taiwanese investment. In the third place, construction industry appeals special attention from Taiwanese. There are 108 projects with the total capital of US $1.5 billion, comprising for 5.4% of total investment capital of Taiwan.


Rich Beauty Food Vietnam owned by Taiwan investors


Currently, Ha Tinh is attracting the most FDI of Taiwanese investors with 36 projects, investment capital of US $10.2 billion (accounting for 36% of total Taiwan investment in Vietnam. Among those project, Formosa Ha Tinh has the total investment capital of US $9,996 billion, which is the biggest investment in Vietnam up until now. Dong Nai places the second position with 333 projects. The investment capital of US $4.8 billion, while Binh Duong ranks third with 688 projects costing US $ 2.6 billion. Binh Duong is attracting Taiwanese projects most. According to the report of National Financial Supervision Commission about economy 2014 and outlook 2015, the target of 6.2% GDP growth rate is feasible. Specifically, attracting FDI to Vietnam is playing an important role, becoming a motivation boosting the growth of Vietnam economy. Making attempt to reform institutions and integrating global economy will be a basis maintaining the stability and FDI growth in 2015. This is the common assessment of many foreign investors in Vietnam.

Mr. Huang Chih Peng, Head of Representative Office of Taipei Culture and Economy in Vietnam said that Taiwanese investors have a strong belief in investment and business environment in Vietnam. He added that in 2015 Vietnam will have more opportunities. It is partially because there are many effective reforms conducted, especially in foreign economic relations. In 2014, there are more Taiwanese Businesses in Vietnam. In 2015, the number will keep rising. Experts believe that there are breakthroughs in attracting FDI in 2015.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Phong, an economic expert said that 2015 may be the year of investing opportunities for foreign investors. This assessment is linked to two main factors. The first factor is that Vietnam has a basic improvement on investment environment due to the adjustment in law on investment and business, as well as reductions of tax, interest, and cost of investment businesses. The second factor is attached with new chances by dint of signing and implementing FTA.


Coil center in Tan Tao Industrial Zone


It is believed hat foreign investors in Vietnam will quickly catch many chances, including opportunities of purchasing, merging, real estate, and other projects. Representative of Foreign Investment Department said that in the time coming, it will have policy on attracting FDI and incentives for businesses. The coming trend of investment in Vietnam will be source technology transfer, higher value chain, improving management... to apply in practice, increasing internal strength of Vietnam economy. 

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