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Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road in Da Nang inaugurated

Tue, 05 May 2015. Last updated Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:52

Now, locals and tourists can easily travel from Da Nang City to Ba Na in about 20 minutes due to Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road in Da Nang. The new road shortens the distance and time between the city center and Ba Na, and contributes greatly to tourism in Da Nang.

The new route in Lien Chieu District and Hoa Vang District will be shortened the distance from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills (down to 20 minutes), in order to improve the transportation infrastructure system to develop tourism in Da Nang. After the inauguration of Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road, the travel of tourists from Da Nang City to Ba Na Hills becomes easier and faster. The road is invested synchronically and modernly towards a green and sustainable developed Da Nang City.

Hoa Vang is a mountainous district in the west of Da Nang's outskirt. The district has a famous resort of Ba Na Hills. However, due to the complex terrain and under-developed infrastructure of transportation, the district has not bring the potential of tourism into play. Acknowledging the significance and importance of improvement and upgrade, Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road connecting Da Nang City center to Hoa Vang District and Ba Na Hills was inaugurated. After the operation, the route will contribute to narrowing the distance from Da Nang to Hoa Vang from 30km to 20km, resulting in the shortening in traveling time from 35 minutes to 20 minutes.

Opening ceremony of Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road

Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road in Da Nang has the total length of 13.9 km with the width of 34m, the separator of 3 meters wide, and the pavement of 5 meters wide and equipped with a modern light system of 532 high-pressure lamps. In addition, the work has 33 sewerage pipes placed under the road. Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road is decorated with various green trees, contributing to creating a green safe and friendly urban space for visitors. Ba Na - Suoi Mo road absolutely has no roadside houses. It is planned to have the depth of 50m from the roadside for trees, including sidewalks of 5m. Along the way, there are beautiful flowers, creating an interesting and greenery landscape - a special aesthetic attraction for visitors.

Ba Na - Suoi Mo Route with more than 10 km long has a total investment of about 1,072 billion dongs, including a 4 - lane road and a resettlement area for people in the region. This route has the starting point connecting with National Highway 1A, shortening the distance and time from the center of Da Nang City to Ba Na - Suoi Mo resort. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Huynh Duc Tho - Deputy Secretary Committee Member, Chairman of Da Nang People's Committee said that after the route was invested and put into operation, it will enhance the tourism development in Hoa Vang and Lien Chieu, and the development of transportation in Da Nang. It also creates favorable conditions for locals and tourists to have chances to have a wonderful time in the resort, promoting the socio-economic development in the region.

A part of Ba Na - Suoi Mo Road

On the opening day of the route, the hotel chain in French Village in Ba Na was also inaugurated. The model of old French Village is inspired by a journey around France with important destinations of the French missionary Pigneau de Behaine- the first foreigner arrived in Ba Na. The village is constructed on an acreage of 45.300m2. The French architects had created a stunning architectural space with the European style of the 19th century. On the spectacular background of natural scenery and sub-tropical climate of "Eden" Ba Na, there are 32 buildings (built over an area of nearly 21,000 m2) with the vivid landscape, large square, and a simulated ancient church. According to Mrs. Do Thi Tuyen Hanh, General Director of JSC Services Ba Na Cable Car, as well as the inventor of the project, the French Village is a lively reflection of the picture of a romantic, luxurious, and elegant France. This will be one of the most important projects in the strategy for the development of Ba Na Hills cable car Company to make Ba Na Hills become a high-ranking tourism brand name in Vietnam.

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