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Vinamilk in top ASEAN 100 businesses

Tue, 25 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

Nikkei Asian Review Magazine has selected five big and reputable "names" of Vietnam businesses including: Vinamilk, Vietcombank, FPT, PVGas and Vingroup in the list of 122 top companies in Southeast Asian region.

The top of the most valuable companies in Southeast Asia (ASEAN 100) includes 25 Singaporean companies, 22 Malaysian companies, 25 Indonesian companies, and 22 companies from Philippines, 25 companies from Thailand and 5 Vietnam enterprises, including Vinamilk. In the first 10 months of 2014, Vinamilk reached its revenue of 26,924 billion dong, contributing to the state budget 3,220 billion dong, and increasing 8.78% over the same period in 2013.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, "Vinamilk is the largest dairy company in Vietnam and produce diverse milk products, accounting for about 50% of Vietnam dairy market. Vinamilk was founded in 1976, and it began trading on the stock market in Ho Chi Minh City in 2006, of which about 45% is owned by the State. Vinamilk potential is recognized in international market as a very good product, so foreign investors have already owned 49% share of the company. Market capitalization of Vinamilk is the second largest one in Vietnam at about US $ 5.5 billion. According to a study of a market research agency, milk consumption has increased more than 20 times in Vietnam for 20 years, and vinamilk contributed greatly to this result. Vinamilk started implementing the dairy farming in Vietnam since 2006, where previously there were very few dairy farmers. Vinamilk currently has five dairy farms, and they are still evolving in the future."


Vinamilk dairy farm


In 2013-2014, Vinamilk launched 2 new super factories producing milk powder and fresh milk in Binh Duong with a total investment of 4,000 billion dong. Vinamilk also invested 19.3% stake in the Miraka Factory (New Zealand). Vinamilk products are also presented in more than 31 countries around the world such as Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, Canada, USA, and Australia.... The export items include baby milk powder, nutritional powder, condensed milk, fresh milk, beverage, soy milk, and yogurt. Export strategy of Vinamilk in the next 3 years is to focus on markets of the Middle East, Africa, Cuba, and USA. To continue to grow in the key export markets, in 2014, a new Vinamilk factory was officially launched its groundbreaking in Cambodia.

The project has a total investment of US $23 million, of which Vinamilk holds 51% of ownership. By 2015, when the project is put into operation, the first year's revenue is estimated to reach US $ 35 million and increase over the years. Vinamilk has also invested in Poland with a size of about US $3 million. This project will play a role in providing agricultural and livestock production to support dairy products, beverages which are the core sectors of Vinamilk. At the same time, the project is the gateway for Vinamilk to access and expand in European market. Vinamilk is currently focusing on intensive investment of over 1,600 billion dong into the system of dairy farms in an industrial scale and use of high technology of Sweden and the US in raising with the purpose of localizing 40 % of inputs for production in 2016.


High technology in Vinamilk dairy farm


In addition to new investment projects, Vinamilk are also very successful in investing and operating a variety of investment projects before. In the US, Vinamilk bought 70% stake in Driftwood dairy plant. Driftwood project was officially exploited effectively, grossing more than 2,600 billion dong in 2014 to Vinamilk. Driftwood is one of the largest milk producers in California (USA) and is a supplier of milk to school system in school milk program of Los Angeles in California. Vinamilk aims to achieve sales of approximately US $ 3 billion and rank top 50 world's largest dairy companies in 2017. It is known that besides the Top ASEAN 100 businesses List published, the Nikkei Asian Review also has an article providing information on market capitalization and profitability of companies in the region in the November edition. Also according to the magazine, companies in Southeast Asia are in the growing trend. And, in the Top ASEAN 100, there are 44 companies having the market capitalization of over US $10 billion, and 24 companies with earnings of over US$ 1 billion.          

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