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Nhat Tan Bridge - symbol of Vietnam Japan Friendship

Thu, 09 Oct 2014. Last updated Tue, 03 Apr 2018 14:15

Nhat Tan Bridge is the biggest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam currently. The work funded by ODA capital of Japan will be put into operation on Oct 10. The bridge greatly expresses the dedication of Japanese people to Vietnam.

Nhat Tan Bridge is the greatest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam. It is also one of outstanding projects of Japanese investment in Vietnam. The bridge is built across Red River, connecting the two banks of Phu Thuong Ward (Tay Ho District) and the Nam Hong intersection (Dong Anh District). This bridge is in the final stages of construction. It is seen as a gift of Japanese people dedicating to the 60th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day (10/10/1954 – 10/10/2014). When mentioning the outstanding work that changes the northern appearance of Hanoi, officers, engineers and Vietnam workers working on the construction of Nhat Tan Bridge always express great gratitude and deep feelings to the Japanese partner.

From 1992, Japan has been always the leading ODA capital investor in Vietnam. In the context of developing economy, science and technology in Vietnam, the ODA capital as well as advanced technology from Japan have played an important contribution to the transport infrastructure improvement in Vietnam. According to the Project Management Unit 85 under Department of Transportation, with the help of Japan, Vietnam has built many traffic works with large-scale investment and complex construction technology. Most of them are very important works for the regional socio-economic development such as road tunnel through Hai Van Pass, Tien Sa Port, Can Tho Bridge, Bai Chay Bridge... and upcoming projects as Nhat Tan Bridge-Noi Bai Airport, Terminal T2 - Noi Bai International Airport about to be put to operation. Each project funded by Japanese ODA in Vietnam is a symbol of the assistance from Japanese government and people to Vietnam. 

Particularly, the project of Nhat Tan Bridge - the first cable-stayed bridge connecting two banks of Red River is a large project at the gateway of the capital. After completion, this project will connect 2 other projects funded by Japan's ODA to form roads welcoming international friends and local people to Hanoi. With such special meaning, the Project Management Unit 85, representative unit for investor has asked the Ministry of Transport to consider and name the bridge as Nhat Tan Bridge and Vietnam Japan Friendship Bridge to express gratitude and affection of the Japanese people.

A scene of Nhat Tran Brige in the afternoon

Expressing affection with Japanese people, Mr. Nguyen Le Minh, Executive Director of Nhat Tan Bridge project, said that during the project process, not just Vietnamese staff working for Japanese partner, but also officers and employees of Project Management Unit 85 as the representative investor of Department of Transportation learned a lot of experience from the Japanese experts. These are very valuable experience, particularly in the operation of the project invested in large scales, advanced and complex technique. Nhat Tan Bridge and roads connecting two sides of the bridge project was approved by the Ministry of Transport in 2006 with a total investment of 13.600 billion funded by ODA loans under the conditions of STEP of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and reciprocal capital of Vietnam government. The total length of the project is nearly 9km, including 3.75-kilometer Nhat Tan Bridge and two roads connecting bridge approximately of 5.17km, road width of 33.2m with 8 lanes.

Regarding the difficulties and efforts of contractors in the construction process, Mr. Le Minh Nguyen said, the planning unit had to calculate many factors such as complex construction conditions, ensuring traffic function, architectural highlights, and specifications by the aviation industry requirement to plan for consideration and selection. After being evaluated the pros and cons of options and consulted with other projects around the world, the cable-stayed bridge was selected with the fifth tower at the center bridge representing 5 gateway of Hanoi welcoming international friends on the road from Noi Bai International Airport to the city center.

Not just for Vietnamese engineers, the main part of the Nhat Tan Bridge- the first constant cable-stayed bridge is also constructed by the Japanese engineer companies. Thanks to the experience on construction similar structures with the ability of mastering technology, Japanese experts, contractors and advisors with Japan along with supports of Vietnamese staff, engineers and many countries had many solutions to overcome difficulties in the implementation of the project. They are the application and development of advanced structural calculation software, using steel-pipe foundation to accelerate and improve quality, using composite steel girder concrete bridge deck to ensure economic and technical efficiency. Currently, the construction of Nhat Tan Bridge and two bridge paths has completed and ensured quality, schedule and safety.

Nhat Tan Bridge at night

Expressing affections when participating in Nhat Tan Bridge construction, Mr. Tojuro Nishi - Project Manager Package 1 of constructing major bridge and northern bridge path shared, IHI has been built over 4,500 bridges in its country and in the world. Nhat Tan Bridge project conducted by IHI infrastructure systems limited company (IIS) joining partnership with Sumitomo Mitsui Company met difficulties in ground conditions for construction, resources to match the extremely tough schedule of work and transporting goods and materials from overseas. But far beyond the difficulties is the joy and pride of being involved in the construction project. This helps constructor complete the project successfully. "I am honored to help Vietnamese engineers in transferring advanced construction techniques in the Nhat Tan Bridge project, and highly appreciate the support of the Project Management Unit 85 as well as the attitude of the supervisor and consultant. I believe that with the completion of Nhat Tan Bridge, we have contributed to the trade exchange in Vietnam Japan relation as well as to the economic development of Vietnam"- Mr. Tojuro Nishi said. 

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