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Lang Biang recognized as The World's Biosphere Reserve

Fri, 12 Jun 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve was recognized as the world's biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This is the first highland biosphere reserve in Vietnam. By virtue of the recognition, tourism in Dalat and Vietnam will be developed significantly.

On June 9 (Vietnam time), at the 27th meeting of International Coordinating Council Program Man and Biosphere of UNESCO, Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve was recognized as the world's biosphere reserve. By dint of this, the total number of world's biosphere reserves in Vietnam is nine. This is also the first World Biosphere Reserve in majestic highland land. Speaking in front of the council after receiving the result, Vice Chairman of Lam Dong People's Committee expressed the joy and pride, and committed to implement the projects and management plans for the conservation and development of Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve, under the motto of the program Man and Biosphere of UNESCO.


Lang Biang mountain in Dalat


Lang Biang World Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 275,439ha in the northern of Lam Dong Province, in the southern highlands area. The biosphere reserve is named after the Lang Biang Mountain. The natural reserve retains typical values of biodiversity, diverse natural landscapes blended with the unique culture of Central Highland Gong space culture recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Lang Biang World Biosphere Reserve includes a vast area of primitive forest with the core zone as Nui Ba Bidoup National Park considered one of the four centers of Vietnam biodiversity. The featured values of local biodiversity are very important to the global biological diversity. The scientists noted this area having 153 species listed in the Vietnam Red Book (2007), and 154 species listed in the IUCN Red List (2010). World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also identified the area as the no.1 priority conservation areas (Area SA3) in the conservation program of the Southern Annamite Mountain Range of Vietnam.


Lang Biang mountain in Dalat


The Lang Biang World Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO will continue to implement the strategy of sustainable development through the exploitation of the aggregate values of the ecosystem services, especially tourism development and services, contributing to the development of Vietnam nature, and Dalat City to become the center of tourism, training, national and international scientific research on tropical forests, promoting agricultural production tech. That UNESCO recognized Lang Biang World Biosphere Reserve also noted the positive contribution of Vietnam government in the implementation of international commitments with the participation of Vietnam for biodiversity conservation, climate change and sustainable development for Millennium Goals initiated by the United Nations.

According to Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Director of the Department of Culture - External Relations UNESCO (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), General Secretary of the UNESCO National Commission of Vietnam, the recognition of UNESCO has a great significance to Vietnam. Nationally, Central Highlands Vietnam is a disadvantageous area. There is only Gong cultural space recognized as an intangible cultural heritage. The profile of Lang Biang sent to ICC MAB for consideration met all seven criteria of UNESCO; at the same time, it highlighted the value of a biosphere reserve. That UNESCO recognized Lang Biang as a World Biosphere Reserve brings opportunities and challenges to Lam Dong Province and Vietnam government in maintaining the functions of a World Biosphere Reserve.


Lang Biang mountain in Dalat


With the guideline of the Lam Dong People's Committee, the efforts of the community and the Board of Directors of Bidoup National Park, and the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam UNESCO Commission, as well as experts, the profile of Lang Biang was prepared in a very short time. One of the highly appreciated highlights of Lang Biang profile are 1,500 local people living harmoniously with nature and contributing to the sustainable development of the biosphere through charging environmental service fees. It means that they are the owners of this area to rights, having benefits and direct participating in the conservation of Lang Biang. The recognition Langbiang as a world biosphere reserve will contribute to promoting Dalat tourism and international tourism, as well as recognizing Vietnam efforts in contributing to protecting the earth, the common human environment.

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