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Hanoi opened Hang Buom Food Street

Sun, 21 Sep 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:50

In the evening of September 19th 2014, Hang Buom Food Street in Hanoi Old Quarter was officially opened by Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company. This food street is expected to promote Hanoi cuisine to tourists.

Hang Buom Food Street along with Hang Dao night market, Dong Xuan Market and walking street in the Old Quarter are expected to become a charming attraction in Hanoi that welcomes most tourists in the near future. With a length of approximately 300 meters, Hang Buom Street consists of 40 stalls selling traditional foods of Hanoi and a number of Western restaurants. Stalls are designed elaborately suitable for space of Hanoi Old Quarter and similar to Hang Dao night market. Especially, stalls are required not to use so much water when preparing foods because it will have a bad impact on environmental hygiene.


Hang Buom - Old Quarter Hanoi becomes food street


In the opening night, a huge number of tourists visited to enjoy special foods of Hanoi cuisine on Hang Buom Street. Enjoying pho cuon, the Vietnamese Rice Noodle Rolls in Hanoi style, a tourist from Greece excited said that he extremely liked Vietnamese roll foods, especially this rice noodle roll, because they were so delicious and cheap. He added that he had visited many countries around the world and Vietnamese cuisine is among the most impressive cuisine he ever tried.

At Huong Tuong Temple on Ma May Street, a location near Hang Buom Street, art programs like traditional and folk music show are held to serve tourists visiting Hang Buom and other walking streets in Hanoi Old Quarter. Visiting Hang Buom Street Food, tourists will have a chance to contemplate the beauty of the Old Quarter at night that brings a peaceful charm different from bustling atmosphere in daylight, to explore sophisticated architecture of ancient houses and to enjoy cultural activities in traditional and contemporary forms. 


Hanoi opening Hang Buom Food Street


Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company has invested the entire facilities. Stalls hire space free of charge. The company also coordinates with relevant agencies in Hoan Kiem District to ensure environmental sanitation, security and safety for the street food. Mr. Do Xuan Thuy, General Director of Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company said that the aim of building Hang Buom Food Street is to create a highlight for 6 expanded walking streets in the first-class reserve in Hanoi Old Quarter. In addition, it is a great opportunity to promote to international tourists the traditional culinary culture of Hanoi.   

According to Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company, the main investor, Hang Buom Food Street will be tested for 3 months, periodically taking place on three weekend nights. Afterwards, the company will assess the operating efficiency as well as the benefit that the street gains, then improving the organizing activities of the food street.

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