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Solitude Beijing and Shanghai amid Corona outbreak

Wed, 19 Feb 2020. Last updated Wed, 19 Feb 2020 18:04

Contrary to the daily bustle and business, major cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai are exceptionally deserted during the days of coronavirus outbreaks. From the most dynamic city, Beijing has few shops or restaurants opened.

Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the icons of flashy Shanghai city. The attraction is often visited by a lot of tourists. During the widespread Coronavirus in China, the most bustling city in China becomes empty and deserted.

Subway Tunnel in Beijing

Subway tunnels in Beijing used to be over crowded, but now they seem to be uninhibited due to the outbreak of the disease. 

Empty lanes in Shanghai

Local people are restricted from going out. Traffic jams in Shanghai are not happening.

Bicycle parking area in Beijing

In Beijing, local people do not appear on streets as usual. Parking lots of bicycles are empty.

Forbidden City in China

Forbidden City is never solitary like this. This attraction in China is closed to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus. 

Local lives in Beijing are turned upside down a lot due to the outbreak of nCoV. Normally, there were about 200 people coming to Temple of Heaven before Corona widespread, but now there are about 20 people. Everyone wears face masks to do exercises. 

Wangfujing, the famous shopping area in Beijing, becomes sluggish, uncrowded because of disease. Few people come to shopping malls in Pudong, Shanghai during these days. Restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai are suffering from the situation of decreasing in customers and revenue.

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