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Exciting activities in Vietnam Family Day 2015

Sat, 27 Jun 2015. Last updated Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:58

With the theme of Central Highland Culture with matriarchy tradition, activities of Vietnam Family Day 2015 will take place from 26-28 June 2015 at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism to establish and improve a stable society.

The Vietnam Family Day 2015 continues to promulgate the topic "Family Meal full of love" with the meaning of respecting the happy reunion time of all families in Vietnam, expressing the caring, sharing and emotional cohesion between family members to build up a happy family. There are many interesting activities in Vietnam Family Day. The photo exhibition themed "Vietnamese home" is featured with photos recording beautiful moments of Vietnamese family nationwide. There are some traditional activities such as poetic calligraphy, Vietnam folk songs about family. There is an exhibition of "Love Tree" - Vietnam record with love messages to family. During the event, there are talk shows about modern life. In addition, the event holds a cooking contest, and an honoring conference.

Happy Vietnamese family

Also, there are parades and propaganda on themes and messages of Family Day in Vietnamon some streets in Hanoi, book exchange with children, and some activities for elderly people. There are performances, exchanges between families and Vietnam record recognitions, charitable gift giving, and art program "Family - Happy fulcrum"... This is a healthy cultural event on the occasion of Vietnam Family Day. Families have chances to exchange and to share experience, knowledge, and skills to build and develop sustainable happy family, and to strongly promote cohesion between members of the family, and promote quality of family ties improvement in Vietnam society.

The operation of activities is organized by the Management Board of Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in collaboration with the College of Arts and Culture in Dak Lak. The event is held in order to introduce visitors traditional culture of Vietnam family in general and the traditional culture of ethnic regional families in Truong Son - Central Highlands in particular, in which the highlight is the matriarchy, gradually helps to organize activities frequently, serving the increasing needs and diversity of guests at the village. Accordingly, within the framework of the activities of Vietnam Family Day in 2015, from 26 - 28 June, at Vietnam Ethnic Village for Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi, there are activities of recreating traditional customs hand habits of ethnic groups, photo exhibition on matriarchal family tradition and Highland sculptures, folk music program, dancing ethnic games, and introduction of some traditional crafts, and ethnic products...

Nuclear family in Vietnam

In particular, with the theme "Culture Highlands with matriarchal family tradition", for the first time, the festival of Ede ethnic group is reproduced in the village. It is scheduled to be held on the morning of 28 June - Vietnam Family Day. The activities in response to Vietnam Family Day are organized to highlight the responsibility of leaders at all levels, organizations, social organizations and families interested in building prosperous, progressive, happy, sustainable families, to confirm the role and position of each family in the preservation and promotion of traditional values, absorb the advanced values of time in the cause of building and defending the Vietnam Fatherland.

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