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First visit of Airbus A350 XWB to Vietnam

Mon, 24 Nov 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:14

On November 22, the first Airbus A350 XWB visited Noi Bai International Airport. The visit to Vietnam is one of parts in 11-day journey of A350 XWB in Asia. It is reported that 10 Vietnam A350 XWB and 4 hired ones will come to Vietnam in early 2015.

Before handing over the first Airbus A350 XWB for Vietnam Airlines, the Airbus manufacturer has launched the latest generation aircraft to Noi Bai International Airport to perform. On November 22, Airbus conducted the test flight to introduce new A350 XWB in Hanoi in operating performances around Asia. Aircraft in this performance is A350-900 MSN5. Reportedly, Vietnam Airlines ordered 10 A350 XWB from Airbus and 4 aircrafts hired from the third part. The first Vietnam Airlines A350 XWB has been manufactured in Toulouse (France). It is expected in mid-2015, Vietnam Airlines will exploit the new fleet in long-haul Vietnam Airlines flights, Hanoi – Paris as the first flight.


Airbus A350 XWB to vietnam


The A350 XWB is the latest version in the leading line of Airbus's wide body aircraft. With the capability of transporting up to 369 passengers in two classes (Business and Economy), the aircraft can fly non-stop straight away up to 8,000 nautical miles (equivalent to 14,816 km). In addition, the aircraft is equipped with many facilities such as LED lights of 16.7 million colors in the cabin. Instead of usual monotonous colored lights, this aircraft can change many different colors to help reduce fatigue for passengers. A350 XWB is designed with the most modern aerodynamics. Its wings and fuselage are made of carbon fiber, while being powered by the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB which helps save fuel. The most advanced technology makes A350 XWB be the most efficient aircraft, reduce fuel consumption and emissions up to 25% with low maintenance cost. Space for luggage on the plane is wider, ensuring that guests in any class can always bring a suitcase pulled over. Economy and Business class seats are wider than the previous ones.


A350 XWB Asia tour -Tokyo


After a stopover in Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi, the A350 XWB will continue flying demonstrations in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur next week, ending the 11-day journey in Asia. Airbus A350 XWB in Hanoi this weekend is the newest generation of aircrafts manufactured by the most giant European aviation. It is equipped with unmatched technology in the line of commercial aircraft as before. During production, Airbus has created five test aircrafts. The A350 visited Vietnam is the No.5 test aircraft. After the test flight, the aircraft was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification of category in the last September 30. In performing flight lasting for 1.5 hours from Hanoi to Da Nang and vice versa, experts from Airbus continued to record parameters of the aircraft, based on the measurement system installed in the central compartment. So far, the A350 XWB Airbus has received 750 orders from airlines all over the world. The first aircraft will be delivered to Qatar Airways at the end of this year. Vietnam Airlines is the second client receiving the aircraft in early next year.

Mr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines said that the airline ordered 10 aircrafts and hiring four ones. The first A350 XWB of Vietnam Airlines is being completed its final stage in the factory in Toulouse (France). The airlines will use the first aircraft for routes Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City to Paris, starting from July 2015.

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