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Located in the area north of Vietnam, about 960 km from Da Nang, Hai Phong is a major industrial city with an important seaport of Vietnam. Hai Phong is the coastal city of Vietnam so it has rich tourism potential.

Nowadays, to fulfill the travel demands of many people, cheap flights from Da Nang to Hai Phong are supplied.

Tourism attractions

Do Son beach

With the flights from Da Nang to Hai Phong, tourists can have unforgettable experiences in the life. Being a large tourism center, Hai Phong has long beaches, popular resorts for domestic and foreign tourists. Cat Ba archipelago - a famous tourist attraction in Haiphong consists of 366 small islands. Cat Ba island is famous for beautiful beaches, white sand, and eco-system of mangrove forests. Travel to Cat Ba, tourists Lan Ha bay, Trung Son cave, Cat Ba national park. Cat Ba the archipelago has been recognized as world biosphere reserve in Paris on 29 October in 2004.

Cat Ba panoramic view

Hon Dau is a famous tourist attraction in Hai Phong, this place is a small island located about 1km from Do Son to the southeast. The pristine tranquil nature is the main characteristic of Hon Dau. Coming to Hon Dau Resort, you are completely immersed in an ideal living space with lakes, trees and the space of the sea and mountains.

A scene in Hon Dau Resort in Do Son, Haiphong

Do Son is one of the popular beaches among domestic tourists in the north of Vietnam, 20 km southwest of Hai Phong. Do Son is a small peninsula with an ideal beach which makes tourists feel relaxed after going there. It is one of the most attractive places including many scenic beaches in northern Vietnam.

Popular airport in Hai Phong

Cat Bi International Airport , Haiphong (HPH) - Vietnam

Cat Bi international airport located in Hai An district, only 8km from Hai Phong city to the southeast is the only airport in Hai Phong. At present, Cat Bi airport mostly hosts domestic flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. On average, there are more than 20 flights in this airport.


Popular airlines flying from Da Nang to Hai Phong

Vietnam Airlines -> 26 USDVietjet Air -> 35 USD

Up to 2017, there are 3 main airlines in Cat Bi international airport: Vietnam Airline, Vietjet air và Jetstar Pacific airline. From Da Nang, there is one flight every day except for Tuesday and Saturday to Haiphong. Ticket costs around $70 and flight time is around 1.5 hours. 

Useful information


Hai Phong food has some several specialties which are famous throughout the country. There are many things to mention when talking about Hai Phong food and cuisine. Many people come to Hai Phong not for visiting, but rather for trying the local cuisine delicacies.

Crab Spring Roll

Cat Hai fish sauce, red rice noodle, chili sauce are known as local specialties. Some dishes derived from Hai Phong, namely field crab red noodle soup, crab spring rolls, Hai Phong spicy sandwich are popular in other regions. “Banh da cua Hai Phong” becomes the pride of the locals, like “phở” in Ha Noi or “bun bo” in Hue.

Bun Da Cua

“Bun tom” is also a signature dish of Hai Phong’s cuisine. The main ingredients are rice vermicelli and seafood. Eating in the morning or evening, summer or winter, you still feel tasty.

Bun Tom


When coming to Hai Phong, apart from the amazing tourist attractions and delicious cuisine of this coastal area, you can also visit some shopping such as Cat Bi plaza, Big C or Metro.In Tran Phu Street, you will find a lot of souvenir stores with traditional products such as silver jewelry, ceramics, and jewelry. Nguyen Duc Canh Street is a paradise for all kinds of footwear. You can freely choose yourselves at an affordable price. Besides, Ga market is one of the largest seafood markets in the country where sells all kinds of fresh seafood.


For someone who has a flight from Da Nang to Hai Phong, exploring Hai Phong city at night is the best experience. In Minh Khai District, you will find all kinds of entertainment: bars, pubs, nightclubs or karaoke. Those places bring to you a bustling and vibrant atmosphere, helping you relax and enjoy the music. Le Hong Phong Street is a colorful road, decorated with flowers, trees, and light. Municipal Theatre Square and Municipal Theatre is an increasingly important part of the city.

Theatre Square Hai Phong

If you are in the city longer than a night or two or planning a long night out, this area is definitely worth a visit. The outside of this building is more modern with a lovely flower garden, big square, and water fountains as well as twinkling lights. A lot of important events are celebrated here annually.

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