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Mexico is an attractive destination and a vibrant cultural center with unique historical values. It owns numerous museums, unique traditional cuisine and vacation spots that appeal to all visitors. Book cheap flights Hanoi to Mexico at AloTrip to enjoy an exciting trip.

Tourist attractions in Mexico

Located in the eastern part of Mexico Square is Palacio Nacional Palace. The place owns the ancient and solemn beauty and is also the offical residence of the Mexican President. Its holds many important documents about history and people of Mexico.

Cung dien quoc gia Palacio Naciona

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most ancient churches in the city. It was built in 1525 on a part of the old Aztec temple. With its hitory, beauty and architecture, the cathedral is one of the most outstanding buildings in the country.

Nha tho Mexico City Metropolitan

Zocalo Square is known as the heart of Mexico city. It plays an important role in Aztex rituals, Spanish military parades and modern Catholic holidays. The square is surrounded by many ancient and modern buildings. In addition, you also can admire the fountains, enjoy classical music and old songs that performed by street artists and typical Mexican dishes.

Quang truong Zocalo

Airport in Mexico


Mexico International Airport, also known as Benito Juarez International Airport (IATA: MEX) is the busiest and largest airport in Mexico. The airport was named after Mexican President Benito Juárez in 2006. Currently, it serves flights from/to more than 100 destinations around the world.

Airlines in Mexico

American Airlines -> 964 USDAir France <-> 1,348 USDQatar Airways -> 777 USDKlm Royal Dutch Airlines <-> 1,920 USD
All Nippon Airways -> 880 USDAsiana Airlines -> 915 USDSingapore Airlines -> 1,414 USDKorean Air -> 983 USD
Turkish Airlines -> 859 USDDelta Airlines -> 711 USDJapan Airlines -> 2,534 USDVietnam Airlines <-> 1,241 USD
Hong Kong Airlines <-> 1,323 USDCathay Pacific Airways <-> 5,964 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 720 USDAir Canada -> 567 USD
Aeromexico -> 2,586 USDEmirates Airlines -> 1,026 USDUnited Airlines -> 646 USDEva Airways -> 1,186 USD

Currently, many airlines operate flights from Hanoi to Mexico City including Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Air France, Kim Royal Dutch Airlines, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, China Southern Airlines, Korean Air, Eva Airways and Turkish Airlines.

Useful information


Your travel to Mexico will be incompleted if you don’t enjoy Tacos- a type of Burger. Its crust is made from corn flour. Its fillings included many different types of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, seafood and so on. Tacos is served with sasla sauce, onions, and coriander. All makes a delicious taste for this dish.


Quesadillas is a fascinating dish made with corn tortillas.There are filled with cheese, sausages, and vegetables such as mushrooms, garlic, beans, chicken, beef… and then baked. Quesadillas is definitely worth to trying when fly to Mexico.


Chilaquiles is a must-try in Mexico. It’s a typical breakfast that is loved by all the Mexican. Corn tortillas are cut into triangles, fried and then stewed with mian ingridients inculding eggs, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, onions. Due to its tasty flavor, it is often used for breakfast and dinner in many restaurants and hotels of Mexico.



You can easily find modern shopping centers, flea markerts, traditional markets as well with a full range of items such as carfts, slothing, jewelry, food and local products in Mexico city. Popular shopping places in Mexico are Reforma 222, Perisur, Lagunilla Market and Tianguis Culture del Chopo.

Mua sam o Mexico


Mama Rumba is an ideal place to visit in Mexico City at night. Mama Rumba Salsa Clucb has been loved by locals and visitors for 25 years. You can learn free salsa dances and mingle with the vibrant atmosphere. Also, you can enjoy traditional dances combined with sophisticated bale dance at the theater.

Cuoc song ve dem o Mexico City

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