Cheap flight from Bangkok to Krabi

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Flight from Bangkok to Krabi is operated by the reputable airlines at present to meet the traveling demand to this beautiful Krabi province.

Known as the new paradise of Thailand, Krabi remains unspoiled with the mysterious islands, long white sandy beaches and clear blue water. With a plenty of natural landscapes, Krabi will be definitely a “must-see” destination for tourists when traveling to Thailand. Book flight from Bangkok to Krabi to explore the tourism paradise in southern Thailand.

Tourist attractions in Krabi

Ao Nang Krabi

Ao Nang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi with the jade blue sea water, can look down to the bottom. Surrounding is the majestic mountains. Coming here, tourists can participate in scuba diving, exploring the ocean or just relax and enjoy the romantic sunset on the beach.

Phi Phi Island

Considered a jewel of Krabi, Phi Phi Island will make tourists surprised by being immersed into the blue water, fresh air and white sand beach. Tourists can visit the island on the high- speed boats. On Kor Phi Phi, tourists can admire the beauty of Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Bamboo Island, Pi Leh Bay along with the majestic limestone caves. Especially, if you visit Nui Bay, you can join in diving activities to see the ecosystem under the sea with a variety of coral and fish species.

Klong Hot Springs

Situated about 70km from Krabi town, Klong Hot Springs will give tourists the comfortable feeling when immersing into the natural hot water. The stream is formed naturally from the creeks of the volcano. The temperature usually ranges from 35 to 40 degrees. It carries the natural mineral salts that are very beneficial for the health. This is an ideal place to relax and dispel fatigue after a long traveling day.

Popular airport in Krabi

Krabi Airport, Krabi (KBV) - Thailand

Krabi Airport

There is only one airport in Krabi, located about 7km from the city center. Krabi Airport has a long runway of up to 3002m serving domestic airlines ((Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways International ...) and some international airlines (AirAsia, Tiger Airways, MyTravel Airways, Tuifly Nordic). The airport serves about 800.000 tourists per year.

Popular airlines flying from Bangkok to Krabi

Vietjet Air -> 29 USDThai Smile Airways -> 42 USDThai Airways -> 43 USDHahn Air -> 106 USD
Bangkok Airways -> 43 USD

Thai Airway

There are more than 21 flights from Bangkok to Krabi per day. Bangkok to Krabi flight time is about 1 hour 20 minutes. With those who have a lot of traveling experience to Krabi, after visiting Bangkok, they can book cheapest flight from Bangkok to Krabi with the fare about 700.000 VND. 

Many reputable airlines are flying from Bangkok to Krabi such as AirAsia and Vietjet so that tourists can choose. If you are confused in the choice of airlines, you can choose a reputable ticket agency like AloTrip for a peace of mind when traveling.

Useful information

Cuisine and food

Kaeng som

Kaeng Som is one of the spiciest dishes in Thailand. It is made from curry, fish sauce, shallots, chili, fish or shrimp cooked with sauce, served with green vegetables, green papaya and vegetable hummingbird. Before tasting this dish, you can feel its characteristic smell.

Nam Phrik Kung Sot

Nam Phrik Kung Sot is a popular dish in Thailand. Tourists can enjoy it at many restaurants in Krabi. The food is fresh and delicious but also makes tourists teary because of its spicy. This is definitely a dish you should try while traveling in Krabi.


Maharaj Market

Tourists can choose the large shops with full amenities or drop by the local markets for day or night. This place offers many traditional local specialties such as clothes, jewelry, musical instruments that tourists can buy as gifts for their families and friends. Especially, the products are sold at reasonable prices so tourists can be completed assured.

Night Life

Krabi Walking Street

The nightlife of Krabi is very exciting with the Carabet Show, interesting performances and the vibrant bars. In addition, tourists can visit the night markets to enjoy the typical Thai food such as tea, cakes, and local specialties or buy souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and especially indigenous musical instruments.

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