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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities of the Middle East. In the following article, AloTrip will provide the most useful information about flight Hanoi to Cairo.

Not only being an ancient city, Cairo but also a modern city known as the “City of a thousand minarets” of Egypt. Coming to Cairo, you will have an opportunity to discover the cradle of the world’s greatest human civilization. Also, there are many interesting things applealing to tourists in this city. Book flight from Hanoi to Cairo today to start your travel to the attractive land.

Ve may bay Ha noi Cairo

Attractions in Cairo

Situated about 20km from the center of Cairo is a population of many great works from the Pharaon period. It has more than 80 pyramids built primarily between the years 2600 BC and 1500 BC. Almost pyramids were built closely to the legendary Nile River. The pyramids are the resting places of the great Pharaons. The ancient Egyptians mummified the Emperors by manual method, buried them along with many other luxurious personal belongings. The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered the highest artificial work on the plane for more than 4 millennia.

Kim tu thap Giza

The Nile is a legendary river that flows through 11 countries into the Mediterranean Sea. It was the main source of water for Egypt from ancient times to the present. Also, it is the longest river in the world, longer than the Amazone River in South America. In the afternoon, you should experience the feeling of riding a traditional Felucca sailing along the river to admire the beautiful sunset, explore the rich flora and fauna and visit many famous ancient sites on either side of the river basin.

Song Nile

AI Azhar Mosque is one of the first mosques in Cairo, built in 920. It was officially opened in 972 and quickly became a center of belief as well as the biggest Islamic university at that time. The church is located in the heart of Cairo city, which contains many interesting things to visit and admire.

Nha hoi giao AI Azhar

Airport in Cairo

Cairo International Airport, Cairo (CAI) - Egypt

Airlines in Cairo

Air China -> 841 USDSingapore Airlines -> 845 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 619 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 645 USD
Hahn Air -> 698 USDKorean Air -> 2,110 USDEthiopian Airlines -> 1,035 USDSichuan Airlines -> 660 USD
Emirates Airlines <-> 1,061 USDOman Air -> 391 USDVietnam Airlines -> 1,581 USDQatar Airways -> 728 USD
Asiana Airlines -> 1,834 USDAll Nippon Airways -> 5,761 USDBritish Airways -> 1,023 USDMalaysia Airline -> 589 USD
Deutsche Lufthansa -> 763 USDEgypt Air -> 573 USDEtihad Airways -> 737 USDShenzhen Airlines -> 1,496 USD

Useful information


Ful Medames is a must-try dish in Egypt. Its main ingredient is fava beans cooked with lemon juice, olive oil and some native herbs. Dried beans are usually cooked overnight to soften. The Egyptians often eat Ful Medames with eggs and pita bread for breakfast.

Ful Medames

Dawood Basha is a well-known Egyptian meatballs made from ground lamb with parsley, onion and other spices. After mixing together, meat will be rolled into small balls and then stewed in tomato sauce. Plates of meatballs are usually laid out with roasted pine nuts.

Dawood Basha

Koshari is one of the famous fast food of people in Cairo. It is a perfect combination of pasta, rice, green beans, caramel, lentils served with tomato sauce and garlic. Koshari is a healthy dish, loved by many people.



Khan el-Khalili is not only an old market, but also a famous shopping place in Cairo with the leading scale of the Arab region. You can buy full of goods from antiques, sophisticated handicrafts, elaborate silver crafts to medicinal materials at this market. After shopping, do not forget to visit the old Fishawi coffee shop to enjoy tea, coffee and smoke Egyptian sisha.

Mua sam o Cairo


Bar is one of the favorite places in Cairo at night. There are two main types of bars in Cairo, including traditional Egyptian style bars and typical western style bars. Western bars will serve food and drinks, while traditional bars will give you the opportunity to experience true Egyptian culture. Most large and upscale hotels have nightclubs, you can enjoy a intersting evening right here. In addition, there are a number of great Jazz clubs in the city appealing to young people.

Cau lac bo ve dem o Cairo

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