1. Formation of agreement

1.1 The online flight booking system ("the booking system") is under operation of AloTrip International Limited (AloTrip). When making a reservation in our booking system, you signify your agreement to these Conditions of Use and other applicable terms, conditions, and notices, including but not limited to the Conditions of Use of WebSite. If this is not your intention and you disagree with any part of these Conditions of Use or such other applicable terms and conditions, DO NOT USE the booking system.

1.2 The information contained in the booking system may change at any time without notice to you. You are bound by such revisions and should therefore visit these pages to review the current Terms of Use from time to time. AloTrip does not affirm the full accuracy or completeness of the booking system or any of the data or information contained in the booking system.

2. Personal and non-commercial use limitation

The booking system is for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, publish, license, reproduce works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the booking system.

3. Use of the booking system

3.1 The booking system is merely to assist you in determining the availability of travel-related flights and to make legal reservations or purchases for yourself and those travelling with you. You may be denied to access to our system in case of your abuse of the booking system.

3.2 Your reservation and purchase of travel-related flights are under influence of other terms and conditions. Using our system, you will comply with the applicable terms or conditions of purchase, including payment of all amounts when due and obey all rules and restrictions in terms of availability of fares, products, or services. You are merely responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of the use of the booking system.

3.3 You will use the booking system to make only legal reservations.

4. Booking rules

4.1 Total passenger for one reservation is up to 9 passengers in Economy or Business.

4.2 There must be an adult accompanying infants (under 2 years at the time of travel) and children (2 to below 12 years at the time of travel). Tickets for infants or children with accompanying adult booked through the booking system must be made under the same reservation.

4.3 Reservations are related to the applicable fare conditions and the seat vacancies in that fare group.

4.4 After your booking made on, you will be issued Electronic Ticket.

4.5 Payment must be paid at the time of reservation. Fares and taxes will be quoted and charged in USD as original currency. Our system accepts payment with major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, Union Pay, Dinner Club…) and PayPal Account through payment gate for reservations. If during the booking the price has been increased, the Customer will have the option of accepting alternative flight if AloTrip is able to offer one (if this is of equivalent quality the Customer will not have to pay more but if it is of lower quality the difference in price will be refunded) or cancelling and receiving a full refund of monies paid.

4.6 If you purchased the ticket(s) for someone else or use a credit card of another person, please note as per our anti-fraud policy we ask to send us a photo of the Credit Card (you can cover the last ten digits) and a Passport copy of the card holder by email/phone call in advance for verification. Without verification of purchasing credit card, AloTrip reserves the right to deny the eticket issuance.

5. Travel requirements

5.1 In case of requiring visa for travel to some destinations, you need to obtain this visa by yourself. You must have a valid passport and valid visa for the duration of your trip and the expiry date must be acceptable in the country you enter. For more information on passport and visa requirements, you can contact us or the embassy of the country you will travel to.

5.2 Fares may not include all airport and passenger taxes which must be paid by each passenger at the airport (applied only for very few and special airports). Such information may be quoted with the fare, and included in the total due.

5.3 Some airports order passenger service charges which will be paid by the passenger when checking in at the airport. Information on these charges is not presented at the time of booking.

5.4 Certain taxes, fees and passenger service charges, which are incorporated into your ticket and collected at the time of ticket issuance, are refundable/non-refundable depending on the ticket class or airlines you choose. Please email AloTrip office to obtain the refund (if any).

5.5 “Eticket Receipt” in the form of AloTrip is acceptable for check-in. Get ready printed version, if not, please make note Reservation Code & Ticket Number

6. No unlawful or prohibited use

6.1 It is unacceptable to use this website for unlawful or prohibited purposes. You will not use the booking system to make any unauthorized, speculative, false or fraudulent reservation.

6.2 You must not:

  • (a) resell the service of the booking system to any other side; or
  • (b) use the booking system for any activity related to law violations; or
  • (c) use the booking system in a way which interferes with its availability for other users; or
  • (d) use other methods to transact or collect information if you are unable to use the booking system.

If AloTrip (in its sole discretion) believes that you breach, or will breach any of these Conditions of Use, AloTrip reserves its right to cancel your booking without giving you a reason and/or without further reference to you.

7. Restrictions on use

AloTrip holds all rights (including servicemark, copyright and patent rights) about software, information and material available in the booking system. You have no right to download or export any software, information or material available in booking system without written permission of AloTrip and in full compliance with all Hong Kong and other applicable laws and regulations.

8. Age and responsibility

You represent that you are of sufficient legal age to use the booking system in accordance with these Conditions of Use and to create binding reciprocal legal obligations for any legal responsibility you may incur during using booking system and this Web Site. You are responsible for, in terms of finance, all uses of this Web Site by yourself and those using your login information. You will manage all usage of the booking system under your name or account. You warrant that all information provided by you in using the booking system are true and accurate.

9. Disclaimer

The booking system is provided "as is" and you assume total risk and responsibility for your use of the booking system and the global computer network including the submission of any personal or business information. To the maximum extent permitted by law, AloTrip specifically disclaims and you relinquish all warranties, express or implied for the booking system including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property or other proprietary rights or compatibility between the booking system and any software or hardware.

10. No representation

AloTrip does not warrant or represent that your access to and/or use of the booking system will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any information, data, content, software or other material accessible through the booking system will be free of bugs, viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful components.

11. Refund/return

Each airline has each own rule for refund. AloTrip will show and inform each user the refundable or non-refundable fare at the time of booking and before ticketing process. The refund fee subject to the airline at the time of refund confirmation.

12. Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, AloTrip is not responsible before law for any injury, loss, claim, damage, including those based in negligence, whether actual, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive which arises out of or is in any way connected with any of the following items:

  • (a) access or use of the booking system;
  • (b) data, information or material contained in the booking system including the use of such data, information or material to check prices and availability or for reservations, ticketing or any other use;
  • (c) submission of any personal or business information, including bank and credit card details;
  • (d) unavailability of the booking system to you in whole or in part or any failure or delay in any way connected with the use of the booking system because of the global computer network, ancillary equipment, the systems or technology or any other circumstances, including the use of or inability to use the booking system to check prices and availability or for reservations, ticketing or any other use;
  • (e) the performance or non-performance by AloTrip or the failure of any function or service associated with the booking system, in whole or in part;
  • (f) any unauthorised access or breach of security into the booking system through the global computer network; and
  • (g) any booking or reservation made through the booking system that has not registered or is incomplete or is delayed or is in error.

If AloTrip is found liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or is in any way connected with any accessing or use of the booking system then the liability of AloTrip will in no event exceed, in the aggregate, any subscription fee and/or service charge for accessing the booking system.

13. Cancellation or suspension of service

AloTrip may cancel or suspend your use of the booking system at any time without notice if AloTrip suspects that the booking system or your User ID/KrisFlyer Number and Password/PIN is being used, or may be used:

  • (a) by persons that have not been authorised by you; or
  • (b) in breach of these Conditions of Use; or
  • (c) in a method that may cause loss to you or AloTrip. AloTrip may, at any time and at its sole discretion and without cause or notice, terminate or restrict your access to the booking system or refuse to give effect to any reservation you request through the booking system without giving any reason or notice to you.
14. Security

AloTrip will take all reasonable measures to ensure that information you leave at the booking system will be kept confidential and protected from unauthorised access but AloTrip does not warrant against unauthorised access and will not responsible before law for any unauthorised access by any means to that information.

15. Governing law

This Agreement is under the laws of Hong Kong and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of two countries .

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