Cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen

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Many tourists wonder how far from Saigon to Phu Yen, however, cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen will shorten the distance from Saigon to Phu Yen. Visitors just take only 1 hour to arrive Phu Yen and start their exploring journey in the beauty land.

Visiting Phu Yen with the interesting attractions, tourists will be surprised by the pure pristine beauty and the peace of the sea here. Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central Coast, about 1160km fare from Hanoi in the north, about 561km far from Ho Chi Minh City along the National Highway 1A. Booking flights Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen, tourists will have the chance to admire the poetic natural scenery of this city.

Tourist attraction in Phu Yen

O Loan Lagoon

Located at the foot of Quan Cau pass, O Loan Lagoon looks like a phoenix spreading its wings. O Loan is a beautiful place for tourists to enjoy the dawn every morning. Book flight from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen, tourists can climb Quan Cau Pass to contemplate the view of the wide lake surface, along with the gentle low hills and green sugar cane. After contemplating the beauty of this freshwater lagoon, tourists should enjoy oysters-the special food famous throughout the country.

Bai Xep Beach

Bai Xep Beach is about 500km long in the North of Tuy Hoa City, is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city like with the wild beauty of two black rocky beaches covering the two end of the beach.

Situated in Nhan Mountain, Nhan Tower in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen is an ancient Cham Tower harmoniously combined with the pyramidal symbol with linga symbol. The tower is a symbol for the architectural art in Phu Yen. Traveling here, tourists will take the opportunity to admire worshiping place of ancient Cham people in the late 11th to the early 12th centuries. Besides, flying from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen, tourists can participate in the exciting cultural activities and interesting entertainment activities in annual festivals. Especially, from the 21st to 23rd of the third lunar year, Via Ba festival is held to commemorate Thien Y A Na Mother.

Mang Lang Church

With the ancient beauty, Mang Lang Church is an attraction that tourists cannot miss on their trip to Phu Yen.  It is also a pilgrimage site for many Catholics on the important occasions. Located in An Thach Commune, about 2km from Chi Thanh Town, Tuy An district, Mang Lang Church is also on the route leading to Ganh Da Dia. The church was designed in Gothic style featuring harmonious and simple decorations.

Popular airport in Phu Yen

Tuy Hoa Airport, Tuy Hoa (TBB) - Vietnam


Tuy Hoa Airport

Tuy Hoa Airport is situated about 5km from Tuy Hoa City to the south. The passenger terminal has a total area of 3835 square meters, with a capacity of 550.000 passengers per year. The aircraft parking area covers 30.358 square meters, meeting 3 parking spaces for A321 and equivalent.

Popular airlines flying from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen

Vietnam Airlines -> 35 USDVietjet Air -> 37 USDJetstar Airways -> 24 USD

There are 2 domestic airlines operating Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen flight  currently, including Vietjet and Jetstar. These are two low cost airlines in Vietnam. On average, there are 4 take-off and landing flights per day. The flight time is about 1 hour.

Airfare from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Yen


Flight time



10:55 – 12:05

870.000 VND

Vietjet Air

07:50 – 08:50

483.900 VND

Note: The price can change over time. Tourists can update the price at

Useful Information


Waterfern cakes

Phu Yen cuisine is very delicious. Tourists can find the specialties of this land at everywhere in Phu Yen from the large market to small markets, from the city center to districts. The famous dishes of Phu Yen are seafood pancakes, banh beo chen (waterfern cakes), banh canh cha ca, etc. Unlike banh beo in Hue or in Hoi An, banh beo Phu Yen is hot cake, made from ham (crispy pork), fried bread, grease and onion. It is usually eaten as a snack but is now considered a dish in restaurants and can be eaten as lunch and dinner.

Many delicious dishes in Phu Yen are awaiting tourists. Book cheap flight Saigon to Phu Yen at now to enjoy delicious foods of this land.

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