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Dublin is the ancient capital and the largest city of the country of clovers. In the past, it was the settlement of Vikings. Book flight Hanoi to Dublin to discover this beautiful city in a nearest day.

Located nearly the East Ireland coast, at the mouth of the Liffey River, Dublin is the home of the world’s famous writers with romantic poetry.Not only that, it is also famous for its quality of life, tourism, history and politics. Traveling to Dublin you will have the opportunity to visit the great museums, green parks, and friendly locals. Books cheap flights from Hanoi to Dublin at AloTrip to experience the most intersting thing in this city.

Vé máy bay Hà Nội Dublin

Attractions in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse is located in the heart of the legendary St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin. It was built in 1904 and designed in the style of the Chicago archituctural style. When you come here, you’ll learn about the history of the world-famous beer  with over 250 years of existance and development. Especially, you will have the chance to come to Gravity bar to enjoy a free cup of Guinness beer and admire the beautiful 360-degree views of the city.

Nhà máy bia Guinness Storehouse

Trinity University was founded in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. The school is located on the southern bank of the Liffey River in downtown Dublin. Also, this is the home to the oldest and  most beautiful “Book of Kells” in the world. Book of Kells was written around 800 AD by the Irish monks and then buried underground for fear of the Vikings. It is considered one of the national treasures of Ireland and is extremely valuable.

Trường đại học Trinity

St. Patrick Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin with Gothic style. When coming here, you can experience the fascinating culture from the medieval period. Besides, St. Patrick’s Church has the largest clock tower in Ireland and a green park next to it.

Nhà thờ thánh Patrick

Airport in Dublin

Dublin Airport, Dublin (DUB) - Republic of Ireland

Airlines in Dublin

Klm Royal Dutch Airlines -> 766 USDAer Lingus -> 674 USDMalaysia Airline -> 675 USDEmirates Airlines <-> 806 USD
United Airlines -> 3,272 USDHainan Airlines -> 795 USDThai Airways -> 887 USDBritish Airways -> 790 USD
Deutsche Lufthansa -> 628 USDAir France <-> 736 USDHahn Air -> 934 USDAmerican Airlines -> 3,212 USD
China Airlines -> 728 USDCathay Pacific Airways <-> 715 USDSingapore Airlines -> 644 USDQatar Airways -> 584 USD
Turkish Airlines -> 437 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 1,074 USDAir Canada -> 2,783 USDVietnam Airlines -> 816 USD
Singapore Airlines -> 412 USDSwiss International Airlines <-> 560 USDChina Eastern Airlines <-> 494 USDAir France <-> 393 USD
Jet Airways -> 663 USDScandinavian <-> 475 USDJuneyao Airlines -> 537 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 516 USD
Hahn Air -> 607 USDVirgin Atlantic Airways -> 922 USDAsiana Airlines -> 857 USDKorean Air <-> 1,399 USD
British Airways <-> 510 USDQatar Airways -> 468 USDThai Airways -> 742 USDEtihad Airways -> 487 USD
Finnair -> 334 USDQantas Airways -> 353 USDMalaysia Airline -> 489 USDAer Lingus -> 332 USD
Virgin Atlantic Airways -> 922 USDAmerican Airlines -> 3,212 USDHainan Airlines -> 353 USDQantas Airways -> 353 USD
Qatar Airways -> 468 USDBritish Airways <-> 510 USDThai Airways -> 742 USDJapan Airlines -> 2,768 USD
Vietnam Airlines -> 816 USDTurkish Airlines -> 313 USDDragon Airlines -> 822 USDSingapore Airlines -> 412 USD
Ethiopian Airlines -> 509 USDAer Lingus -> 332 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 470 USDEmirates Airlines -> 352 USD
Malaysia Airline -> 489 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 608 USDUnited Airlines -> 3,253 USDAir France <-> 393 USD

Aer Lingus -> 332 USD Thai Airways -> 741 USD Hahn Air -> 607 USD Austrian Airlines -> 1,335 USD
Air France <-> 393 USD Dragon Airlines -> 822 USD Turkish Airlines -> 313 USD Etihad Airways -> 487 USD
All Nippon Airways -> 4,140 USD China Airlines -> 728 USD Vietnam Airlines -> 816 USD Deutsche Lufthansa -> 439 USD
Oman Air -> 432 USD Hainan Airlines -> 353 USD Japan Airlines -> 2,768 USD Hong Kong Airlines -> 470 USD
Virgin Atlantic Airways -> 922 USD American Airlines <-> 5,110 USD Scandinavian <-> 474 USD Emirates Airlines -> 352 USD

Useful information


Soda bread is one of specialities in Ireland. Every Irish family has their own recipes for this bread and passed it on through the generations. What makes this dish special is that people will use soda to sponge the cake instead of leavening agent. The cake has a very special flavor and is often enjoyed with smoked salmon. In addition, it is covered with a flour to increase the flavor.

Bánh mì soda

Casserole is a nutrious dish that any visitor to Ireland should also enjoy. It is made from lamb meat mixed with beef and vegetables including potatoes, carrot and herbs. All of these ingredients are simmered for long hours. Casserole is often served with toast and hot tea in winter.

Thịt hầm

Sausage and mashed potatoes are popular dish in Irish meals. Irish people think that dinner without mashed potatoes is not a proper dinner. There are many dishes made from potatoes but Champ is the most delicious dish. It is made from mashed potatoes, traditional sausages and meat sauce. It is not only a favourite dish in Ireland but also very popular in England.

Xúc xích và khoai tây nghiền


Dublin is a shopping paradise for tourists because it has so many shops, shopping centers and markets. Grafton walking street owns a lot of stores, boutiques, goldsmiths and some retailers such as Brown Thomas, Ted Baker, Weir & Sons, Chocolate Butlers. Nearly is Henry Street and Moore Street. Also, you can visit shopping centers such as St. Stephens Greens, Jevis, llac, Dundrum, Poerscourt…

Mua sắm ở Dublin


Vibrant nightlife in Dublin certainly attracts tourists when traveling to this city. Temple Bar is one of the city’s arts and entertainment centers appealing to the most tourists. You will find many pubs with live music, Irish folk music, rock concerts, exhibitions and performances of street artists. One of the most exciting things in Dublin is going to the traditional pub and enjoying great taste of Guinness Beer. Book cheap flight from Hanoi to Dublin to have interesting experiences in this city.

Cuộc sống về đêm ở Dublin

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