Cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a modern country with many fascinating destinations. Therefore cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Hong Kong is being searched with the large amount via online website as AloTrip.

Just a click, you will own a Ho Chi Minh city to Hong Kong flights to explore the beauty of culture and people here.

Located in the south of China, Hong Kong is the one of the most vibrant, dynamic and modern, area in this country. Also, it was voted as one of 10 attractive destinations in the world with the interesting attractions awaiting tourists to explore. To demand the more and more demand of tourists, many airlines are offering the Cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong at present.

Tourist attractions in Hong Kong

With the cold weather around year, The Peak is an attractive stopover in Hong Kong. Being the highest place of the city, tourists can contemplate the panoramic views of the city from here with the skyscrapers and famous places as Victoria, New Territories hill. Traveling to this country, tourists will have memorable experiences on their trip.

The Peak

Golden Bauhinia Square is the soul, the symbol and the pride of the Hong Kong peoples. Many tourists gather in front of the square to visit and take the commemorative photos. The flag-raising ceremony is the most important ceremony that attracts many locals as well as tourists from Hanoi to Hong Kong. The status of the five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) at the square center is a symbolic work, marking many landmarks in the history of the city.

Bauhinia blakeana

Built in 1915, the clock town is one of the attractive places in Hong Kong. With 44-meter height, it is a beautiful architecture situated in the city center. After many yeas, although the clock town is restored and embellished, it keeps the original structure and beauty.

Clock Town

Popular airport in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport , Hongkong (HKG) - Hong Kong


As one of the largest airports in Asia, Hong Kong International Airport is the gateway between the East Asia and Southeast Asia. It is located in the strategic position and is the important traffic hub of the northern area.  It is equipped with modern facilities, deserving one of the most modern airport in Hong Kong. On average, there are 6 daily flights from Hanoi to Hong Kong. The Hanoi to Hong Kong distance is over 1000km, it takes more than 2 hours to reach Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport

Popular airlines flying from Hochiminh City to Hong Kong

Vietjet Air -> 57 USDTiger Air -> 175 USDJapan Airlines -> 2,410 USDChina Airlines -> 331 USD
Vietnam Airlines -> 107 USDKorean Air -> 869 USDUni Airways Corporation -> 274 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 815 USD
Juneyao Airlines -> 763 USDMalindo Airways -> 110 USDThai Airways -> 209 USDCathay Pacific Airways <-> 168 USD
British Airways -> 2,707 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 72 USDAll Nippon Airways <-> 837 USDPhilippine Airlines -> 241 USD
Singapore Airlines -> 371 USDThai Smile Airways <-> 555 USDJeju Air <-> 665 USDAsiana Airlines -> 575 USD

Currently, Hong Kong has 5 major airlines including Air Hongkong, Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways. Cathay Dragon is the most popular in Hong Kong. In addition, there are some international airlines operating flights to Hong Kong as Air Busan, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, American Airlines, Thai Airways, British Airways, Emirteas, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines… They are transporting a large number of international tourists to Hongkong every day. Tourists can book ticket of various airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Dragon, Jestar Pacific Airlines for flights Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong. Vietnam Airlines operates 1 flight Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong per day, Hong Kong Airlines operates 2 flights from Saigon to Hong Kong one way per day, Cathay Dragon and Jetstar has one flight per day. The ticket fare is about 5.000.000 VND. The cheap ticket Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong flight is the first choice of tourists.

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Besides the attractive and modern attractions, Hong Kong is also famous for its own delicious cuisine, especially the street foods. Mentioning to the street foods, tourists will immediately think about the hot fish balls. Fish balls of all kinds bob around in metal steam-heated trays of deliciously rich yellow and red curry sauces.

Fish balls

Waffle cake is familiar with many countries around the world. However, this dish has an incredible attraction in Hong Kong. Just pouring the mixture between egg and flour into the oven to have a crisp waffle. This snack presents all over the Hong Kong Streets.

Waffle Cake

Stinky toufu is the most famous specialty in Hong Kong in particular and in China in general. As its name, this dish has a strong odor. However, it is the delicious dish for many tourists.

Stinky toufu


Ladies Market is the favorite market of tourists, especially women as it mainly sells cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and clothing for women. With more than 100 stores, tourists can chose the gifts for their family members and friends with the reasonable price and the friendly attitude of the buyers.

Ladies Market


Temple Street Night Market is an art and festival space. Many exciting nightlife activities are held and it is also a shopping paradise for tourists. Coming here, tourists can admire the unique performances as well as go shopping and enjoy the specialties of Hong Kong. 

Temple Street Night market

AloTrip - a prestigious and reliable website will offer cheap Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong flights for domestic and international tourists. Tourists will have a memorable trip when booking ticket with us.

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