Jeju Airlines

Tue, 16 Jun 2020. Last updated Wed, 17 Jun 2020 09:09

Established in 2005, JEJU AIR has been constantly expanding its scale of operations to best meet the customers' demand and bring a sustainable innovation for the Korean aviation industry.

Jeju Air is a young airline in South Korea, but it has achieved great success. With the target to bring the cheap but good flight to customers, the airline is more and more developed and expanded to destinations around the world.

Jeju Air flight and ticket

- How to book Jeju Air flight

You can book a Jeju Air ticket directly at a ticket agency, online through the AloTrip website or on the airline’s website. If you book a ticket through AloTrip, a team of enthusiastic and experienced counselors will help you choose the suitable flight and the most competitive price. Booking tickets should be made at least 4 days before departure. If you reserve a ticket on the airline's website, you must register an email to receive ticket information as well as the information verification. You can also register for membership to earn points for later flights.

Máy bay mang biểu tượng Jeju Air

- How to pay Jeju Air ticket

If you buy a ticket through an agent, the payment will depend on the agent's rules. You also have a variety of payment options such as Napas, MasterCard / Visa Card, bank transfer or cash. If you book directly on the Jeju Air website you can choose the usual payment methods such as MasterCard / Visa card, accumulated points of Refresh Point members or other payment methods, namely Samsung pay, Payo, Kakao Pay, SSG Pay, Paypal, Molpay ... You can buy points to pay for tickets at a more preferential price than regular payments. Even if you are accumulating a lot of points, you can transfer or give points to other people.

Jeju Air eticket

When purchasing tickets on the airline's website, you will receive tickets via email and SMS confirmation. If you reserve through an agent, you will also receive an electronic ticket.

Jeju Air ticket classes

- Ticket classes: Currently, Jeju Air is offering 4 ticket classes: Suites, First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Each ticket class will have different incentives equivalent to the price.

- In-flight meals: The menu of the meal will depend on the ticket class, but even in the Suits, you will certainly be served delicious meals and food hygiene and safety.

Jeju Air promotions

JejuAir routinely offers promotions or combo deals to its passengers. You can subscribe to promotional information from the Jeju Air’s homepage. If you often travel with Jeju Air or are a big fan of South Korea, pls register as a member of Jeju Air to receive more benefits.

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