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Known as the second largest airline in Hongkong, HongKong Airlines has outstanding contributions to aviation service in the country and around the world.

Hongkong Airlines is the second largest airline in Hongkong, headquartered in Hongkong International Airport. The airline mainly operates flights between  Hongkong, China and Vietnam. Currently in Vietnam, Hongkong Airlines offers both direct flights and connecting flights to many well-known tourist destinations in the world. Honkong Airlines (formerly known as CR Airways) was established in 2001 and was put into operation on 05 Jul, 2003. It was official renamed Hongkong Airlines from 30 Sep, 2006. Its first flight was operated by Sikorsky S-76C helicopter. This is the first helicopter company to be certified as an Air Operator since the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Ranked 4 star of Skytrax in 2 consecutive years, awarded the “Captial Weekly 2012 – the best service in aviation” of one of the most popular financial magazines in Hongkong, Hong Kong Airlines is always recorgnized for its outstanding contributions to aviation services.

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Hongkong representative offices in Vietnam

- 8/16 Huynh Thuc Khang, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

- 95G, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

- B55 Bis, Nguyen Trai, P-NCT, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Book flights Hongkong Airlines

Currently, Hongkong Airlines fleet owns 34 aircrafts with different types and sizes including: Airbus A320-200, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-800, and so on. It operates flights to many countries and tourist destinations in the world. Likely other airlines, Hongkong Airlines ticket is divided into classes with different fare rules and services such as first class, business class, premium economy class, economy class and student class.

How to book Hongkong Airlines ticket

- Download app AloTrip or access to website or

- Enter flight information, click “search flight”. It will show flights with details such as departure time, arrival time, ticket class, bagggae and total price

- Choose a suitable flight

- Fill out information: passengers’ names, birthday, baggage (is any),  contact information

- Click “confirm and payment”

How to pay Hongkong Airlines ticket

- Pay by domestic card (applied for passegers who want to pay via internet banking or online payment service of banks)

- Pay by international card (applied for passengers who choose to pay via international cards such as Visa, Master Card, Amex…)

- Pay by Paypal account

- Pay by cash at AloTrip office

For futher information pls visit our website:

Hongkong Airlines Eticket

Hongkong airlines eticket is a valid paper that allows to take Hongkong Airlines flight. You need to show eticket at the check-in counter in the airport or use reservation code/ ticket number for online check in to get boarding pass. If you don’t receive eticket within 1 hour after paying, pls contact our AloTrip customer service.

Hongkong Airlines Class

- First class: the most expensive class of Hongkong Airlines. You can enjoy the best services from food, entertainmant, priority boarding to wait lounge…

- Business class: services of this class will give you comfortable and pleasant feeling during the flight.

- Economy class: choosing this class will help you save money. You will be served full range of services with good quality.

- Student class: is reserved for student with preferences. Hongkong Airlines is one of few airlines offering this service.

Popular destinations of Hongkong Airlines

Country City Airport
Vietnam Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi (HAN) - Vietnam
Vietnam Nha Trang Cam Ranh Airport, Nha Trang (CXR) - Vietnam
Vietnam Dalat Lien Khuong Airport, Dalat (DLI) - Vietnam
Vietnam Hue Phu Bai International Airport, Hue (HUI) - Vietnam
Vietnam Quang Binh Dong Hoi Airport, Quang Binh (VDH) - Vietnam
Vietnam Quang Nam Chu Lai Airport, Quang Nam (VCL) - Vietnam
Vietnam Dien Bien Phu Dien Bien Phu Airport, Dien Bien Phu (DIN) - Vietnam
Vietnam Pleiku Pleiku Airport, Pleiku (PXU) - Vietnam
Vietnam Haiphong Cat Bi International Airport , Haiphong (HPH) - Vietnam
Vietnam Tuy Hoa Tuy Hoa Airport, Tuy Hoa (TBB) - Vietnam
Vietnam Rach Gia Rach Gia Airport, Rach Gia (VKG) - Vietnam
Japan Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport , Fukuoka (FUK) - Japan
China Guiyang Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport, Guiyang (KWE) - China
Thailand Chiang Mai Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiang Mai (CNX) - Thailand
Vietnam Vinh Vinh Airport, Vinh (VII) - Vietnam
China Tangshan Tangshan Airport, Tangshan (TVS) - China
Germany Berlin Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin (TXL) - Germany
Solomon Islands Honiara Honiara International Airport, Honiara (HIR) - Solomon Islands
Turkey Dalaman Dalaman Airport, Dalaman (DLM) - Turkey
Japan Osaka Osaka International Airport , Osaka (ITM) - Japan

Popular flights of Hongkong Airlines 

Vinh -> Hongkong 862 USD Sapporo <-> Hongkong 388 USD
Shizuoka <-> Hongkong 1,225 USD Shanghai <-> Taipei 267 USD
Osaka <-> Bangkok 301 USD Nha Trang -> Hongkong 362 USD
Chiang Mai -> Hongkong 241 USD Kagoshima -> Hongkong 137 USD
Hiroshima <-> Hongkong 1,376 USD Takamatsu <-> Hongkong 1,181 USD
Phnom Penh -> Bangkok 798 USD Seoul -> Taipei 202 USD
Manila -> Bangkok 262 USD Rach Gia -> Hongkong 371 USD
Hanoi -> Auckland 502 USD Siem Reap -> Tel Aviv 787 USD
Osaka <-> Hongkong 3,378 USD Vientiane -> Hongkong 286 USD
Surat Thani -> Okinawa 1,168 USD Fukuoka -> Bangkok 630 USD

Hongkong Airlines cabin crew

Hong Kong Airlines is always known for its friendly crews and a team of well-trained and professional flight attendants. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable to enjoy your flight.

For the comfort and safety of passengers in the flight and during boarding, each passenger (excluding infants) can bring 1 piece of hand baggage that doesn’t exceed 45 inches ( 22" x 14" x 9" or 56cm x 36cm x 23cm) in size and 7kg/15Ibs in weight. Checked baggage allowance depends on the ticket class.

Hongkong Airlines cabin crew

Hongkong Airlines check-in service

Check-in counters open 3 hours and close 40 minutes before departure. To complete check –in, you need do following steps:

- Airline’s staffs will check your ticket, your passport/visa and your checked baggage (if any). After completing, they will give you air ticket, relevant documents, boarding pass and the ticket stub corresponding to your checked baggage.

- Security check: your hand baggage will be scanned via scanner and you will pass through a magnetic gate. Metal objects such as keys, phone.. should give the tray to cross the scanner.

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