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Cheap flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh will save the time and cost for tourists to reach the most crowded and vibrant city in Vietnam. Don’t worries about book cheap ticket, let AloTrip help you to book flight Vinh to Ho Chi Minh at the affordable price.

Saigon tourism plays an important role in the general development of Vietnam tourism. With the large number of tourists coming here every year, Saigon is worth as an ideal destination for tourists. Currently, there are many flights from Vinh to Saigon supplied to meet the demand of tourists.

Tourist attractions in Saigon

Book Vinh to Saigon flights is the best way for tourists to enjoy an exciting journey. Being a famous and beautiful architecture work in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh Museum is an indispensable attraction on the trip to this city. Here displays many valuable collections on the history of Saigon, from the resistance against French colonialism to the present. The museum is divided into 10 different galleries that currently hold and preserve 45.666 artifacts. This is also a favorite place for those who are interested in researching and exploring the South Vietnam.

An Quang Pagoda

Built in 1948, An Quang Pagoda play a crucial role in the history of Buddhism in the South in particular and in Vietnam in general. At present, the pagoda is a popular attraction for many Buddhists, especially on important occasions, holidays or Tet.

Dai The Gioi Water Park

Located in the heart of Saigon, Dai The Gioi Water Park is an exciting tourist attraction, the favorite entertainment center of many young people as well. Also, it is always an ideal place for tourists during hot summer days. After more than 10 years of operation, the park is increasingly modern with more interesting new games. The health care service at this site attracts the attention of people, especially the elderly.

Popular airport in Saigon

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Vietnam

Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Located in Tan Binh district, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest airport in Vietnam and the important traffic hub of the South. It was fully equipped with modern facilities, deserving of being one of the most modern and civilized airports in the country. On average, there are 14 flights Vinh to Saigon every day. This is the airport serving the largest number of domestic and international tourists to Saigon even overloaded on the days adjacent to Tet.

Popular airlines flying from Vinh to Saigon

Vietjet Air -> 37 USDVietnam Airlines -> 34 USDJetstar Airways -> 26 USD

Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Currently, there are 3 domestic airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific and 43 other international airlines operating inbound and outbound flights at Tan Son Nhat Airport. Tourists can book flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh of three domestic airlines above. The schedule from Vinh to Saigon is always updated at the airlines website. Every day, Vietnam Airlines has 4 Vinh to Saigon flights, Vietjet has 7 flights and Jetstar offers 3 flights. The flight time Vinh to Saigon is 1 hours 45 minutes. The fare depends on the airlines and flight time which you choose.

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Mixed Girdle Cake (Banh trang tron)

Being famous for its diverse culinary culture, Saigon left a good impression for many visitors with different delicacies. Booking flight from Vinh to Saigon, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the specialties of this city. Firstly, tourists should try Mixed Girdle Cake (banh trang tron) – a favorite street food in Saigon. The ingredients are completely mixed together including thinly rice paper, dried onion, chili, peanuts, quail eggs, mango and dried beef. All have created a delicious food at reasonable prices.

Pha Lau

Pha lau is a popular dish of Saigon people. The main ingredient of this dish is beef viscera and typical spices including the five-spice powder and curry powder. This dish is often eaten with bread. It is a favorite dish of many tourists when traveling to Saigon.


Saigon Square

Saigon is not only famous for interesting tourist attractions, delicious dishes, but also a favorite shopping spot for many tourists. Diamond Department Store is the oldest commercial center in Saigon. It will bring the satisfaction to tourists with the high quality goods, luxurious brands as Salvatore Ferragamo, Rolex, Mont Blanc, along with a series of domestic well-known brands. The 5th floor of the mall is the entertainment area, attracting the young people during the weekend.


Nguyen Hue Walking Street

One of the most attractive places in Saigon at night is Nguyen Hue walking street. Coming here, tourists can freely take the photos with their friends. In the evening, the lights of the buildings make the scene more sparkling. The vibrant atmosphere covers every street corner. Nguyen Hue Street is the cultural and artistic exchange, taking place many interesting street activities such as singing, dancing and folk games.

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