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Hanoi capital is an ideal destination for tourists and their family to admire the beautiful landscapes, enjoy delicious cuisine and unique culture of the thousand- year-old capital. Do not miss the trip to Hanoi when book Vinh to Hanoi flights at AloTrip.

Thanks to the beauty of the modern city and ancient features, Hanoi-the heart of Vietnam attracts a large number of tourists at home and abroad every year. Book cheap flight from Vinh to Hanoi to start the exploring travel to this city.

Tourist attractions in Hanoi

Tourists queue to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Located in Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a “must-see” attraction for tourists when traveling Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is located in the heart of the city, under the shade of green trees, in the cool airy space. Every day, standing in front of the Mausoleum, waiting for the moment of flag lowering or raising has come into the life of Hanoian.

Bai da Song Hong

If tourists want to admire the colorful flower gardens in the city center, look for the ideal shooting locations or immerse into the nature, Bai Da Song Hong is a great place. Don’t miss the opportunity to take wonderful pictures at the beautiful flower fields, fine sandy beach and white reeds flowers.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge is inseparable historical witness of Hanoi Capital. This is the first steel bridge spanning the Red River, built by the French. Up to now, the bridge has been preserved and attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists.

Popular airport in Hanoi

Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi (HAN) - Vietnam

Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai International Airport is an important airport, serving the aviation activities of Hanoi and surrounding areas in order to meet the demand of economic, cultural and tourism development. Situated about 35km from the city center, the airport is uniquely designed with modern equipment and technology. Thus, it meet the large number of flights per day. With the flight time of 1 hour, tourists can set their foot on Hanoi and start their memorable journey.

Popular airlines flying from Vinh to Hanoi

Vietnam Airlines -> 26 USD

Vietnam Airlines

Currently, Vietnam Airlines is launching cheap direct flights from Vinh to Hanoi for tourists. This will be the optimal choice for tourists so that they can quickly move to Hanoi. Don’t forget to book flight Vinh to Hanoi early with AloTrip to get the affordable fare and best service.

Useful information


Hanoi is famous for its culinary specialties, which everyone cannot forget once enjoying. Hanoi has many famous delicious dishes around the world such as bun cha, pho, or street foods.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a local dish originating from Hanoi. Tourists can enjoy this dish anytime of the year and everywhere from the restaurant to stalls on Hanoi streets. It is served with a plate of vermicelli and a bow of dipping sauce with grilled pork and a basket of herbs. The price of a bow of Bun Cha is only from 30.000 VND.

Trang Tien ice cream

Traveling Hanoi, tourists cannot ignore Trang Tien ice cream. This is a long and popular ice cream brand. Tourists can buy Trang Tien ice cream in the walking street, Trang Tien street or street stalls.


Visiting Hanoi, tourists can not only enjoy delicious foods, but also go to shopping to satisfy their cravings, because Hanoi is the “shopping paradise” with a variety of goods at the reasonable price.

Tràng Tiền Plaza

Trang Tien Plaza is the luxurious shopping center with the most famous domestic and international brands. Coming here, tourists will be impressed with the large and luxurious space along with the rich fashion items.

Dong Xuan Market hall

To buy fashion items, or enjoy the delicious snacks, tourists should drop by traditional markets in Hanoi. The famous markets are Xanh Market, Dong Xuan Market, Hoang Hoa Tham Market, Quang An Flower Market, etc.

Night life

Walking street

Hanoi is the most beautiful at night. This is also a good time for tourists to visit, stroll and enjoy the street foods in Hanoi. When the night falls, Hanoi is sparkling under the street lights and buildings’ lights. To admire the beauty of Hanoi at night, tourists can visit the café to sip a cup of coffee and contemplate Hanoi and streets from the above.

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