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In below article, AloTrip will share with you the useful experience for fight Ho Chi Minh to Mexico City to enjoy a great jouney with your family and friends.

Mexico City is the capital and the center of economy, politics and culture of the country. This is one of the largest cities in the world made up of 16 suburban areas. The modern beauty mixed with ancient European architectural works attracts tourists coming here. Book cheap flights Ho Chi Minh to Mexico city for a chance to eplore this city in the nearest day.

Flight ticket from Tp.Hcm to Mexico City

Attractions in Mexico

Located about 45km northwest of Mexico City, Teotihuacan is the home to the famous ancient Aztec civilzation in history. The name Teotihuacan was given after the Aztecs’ pilgrimage to this region. Its meaning is “Where the gods were born”. The ancient city owns the second and third largest pyramids in the world. There are 3 main pyramids including the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Temple of Snakes.

Thanh co

Palacio Nacional Palace is a must-see in Mexico City. You will admire the beautiful oil paitings reproducing the history of the Mexican peope. On the annual Mexican National Day, the President will wave the flag and pull an independent bell from the balcony of the National Palace. It will be great if you are immersed in the exciting festival of National Day in the center square of Zocalo.

Palacio Nacional

Located in downtown Mexico City, Zocalo Square has a lot of meaning to the culture and history of the city. It was formerly the political and religious center of the Aztecas Empire, the Tenochtitlan of the Mexica tribe. It is the city’s main square and the second largest square in the world after the Red Square in Moscow (Russia). Strolling around Zocalo square, you can contemplate the ancient and modern architecture of palace and museum. In addition, you can see fountains, enjoy classical music and old songs performed by street artists as well as enjoy typical Mexican dishes. In winter, the square will turn into a giant ice rink that attracts visitors with exciting activities.

 Zocalo Square

Airport in Mexico City


Airlines in Mexico City

Aeromexico -> 1,809 USDAir France -> 1,044 USDVietnam Airlines -> 1,437 USDAir Canada -> 499 USD
American Airlines -> 1,027 USDAsiana Airlines -> 915 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 1,620 USDDeutsche Lufthansa -> 1,684 USD
Emirates Airlines <-> 1,166 USDAll Nippon Airways -> 1,012 USDSingapore Airlines -> 889 USDQatar Airways -> 735 USD
United Airlines -> 613 USDTurkish Airlines -> 913 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 610 USDJapan Airlines <-> 5,321 USD
Eva Airways -> 1,136 USDBritish Airways -> 1,548 USDKlm Royal Dutch Airlines <-> 1,844 USDChina Airlines -> 1,556 USD

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Tacos is one of the dishes filled with the quintessence of Mexican cuisine. At first glance, Tacos looks like a pancake but its flavor and cooking method are completely different. This cake is made from corn flour. Its filling is made from many different types of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, seafood, ... Tacos is served with onion sasla sauce and corianders.


Enchiladas is dish made of corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a savory sauce. The fillings can be made from beef or chicken. It can be served with onions, cheese or sour cream.


Tamales is a favorite cake of Mexican people. The cake is made from corn flour with meat, fish and some chopped vegetables mixed together. It is quite similar to the way of making Vietnamese cakes because it is also wrapped in a layer of leaves and then boiled or steamed.



La Lagunilla is a traditional market in Mexico City. Coming here, you will be amazed at the paths full of clothes, sunglasses, outdoor tattoo partors, houseware, crafts, exquisite antiques and vintage clothes at affordable prices.

 Shopping in Mexico


Mexico City’s lively nightlife will certainly give you an enjoyable experience. Depending on your perference, you can absolutely choose bars with traditional music, cafes, restaurants or lively discotheons filled with sound and light. Some of famous nightclubs and bars of the city are Patrick Miller, NMRoy, Club Social Rhodesia, La Santa, Dinsmoor…

 Mexico City nightlife

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