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Dalat known as the Love City and the Eternal Spring owns the temperate climate all the year round, romantic pine forest, brilliant flower fields, French Avenue and villas belonging to the Eternal Spring.

Dalat has a nice weather with full of fog creating a beautiful scenery, making this small city an ideal destination for tourists. On the terms of nature, Langbiang Mountain, Xuan Huong Lake, Hai Moi Hill and Love Valley are at the top of the list. On the terms of culture and history, Bao Dai Palace, Domaine de Marie Church, and Truc Lam Priory are treasures that hold the precious history and culture of Dalat. Book flights from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat to enjoy the romantic beauty of this love city with AloTrip.

Tourism attractions

Lang Biang mountain in Dalat

Lang Biang Mountain is located on Lang Biang Plateau, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province. It is about 12 km from Dalat city center and sometimes also called Lam Vien Mountain. Lang Biang consists of the two highest peaks of Lam Vien plateau: Lang Biang (2,167m) and Bidoup Ban (2,287m), which are often called Da Lat roofs. This mountain is famous for its breathtaking nature, as well as excellent views of the entire of Da Lat city, forests, rivers and indigenous people's homes. Standing on the top of Lang Biang Mountain, visitors can see the Golden Stream and Silver Stream, or watch the wonderful Dalat, which looks like a lush green valley with two silver pieces (Golden and Silver Stream).

Da Lat Flower Park

If you have a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Dalat, "Flower City" in the Central Highlands of Vietnam will be one of the most memorable destinations for you.  From the big city to the local farm, travelers can immerse in the beauty of this "Flower Kingdom". The best time to look at the attractive charm of Dalat flower garden is in winter, especially in December and January when the Flower Festival is often held in Dalat.

Dalat Bao Dai Palace I

Da Lat, the so-called city of love, attracts tourists not only because of its luscious scenery, comfortable weather but also with the unique European architecture, typically the old villa. Bao Dai Summer Palace (also known as the 3rd Palace because there are two other Bao Dai Palace in Dalat) is an indispensable destination for most tourists in Da Lat. Inside the palace, many valuable objects are kept in a pristine condition. They include some royal family sculptures, white statues of Bao Dai and gold paintings of his father Khai Dinh, photographs of Angkor Wat and an old map of Vietnam. Come here and you will have no regrets taking a flight to Da Lat. Book cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat here.

Crazy House

Dalat's charm is not only a romantic beauty but also inspires people to overcome their limits. Hang Nga Hostel, also known as "Crazy House" is a work of art that really surpasses the limits of the imagination of the human. Designed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, this special building with non-rectangular structure has appeared in many international architecture magazines and has finally been included in the list of 10 creative buildings in the world (according to Chinese People). Dalat is really a worthy place for visitors to dream about and explore the creative beauty of this unique art. 

After the flight from Sai Gon to Da Lat, visitors will be dropped at Lien Khuong Airport. This is the only and largest international airport in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, next to National Highway number 20 and about 28 km from Da Lat and Lam Dong. To move to Dalat city center, travelers can choose the taxi as the most convenient and quickest way. However, taxi rates for this distance are quite high from 250,000 to 300,000 depending on a taxi company and the type of car you choose (4 seats or 7 seats). 

Popular airport in Da Lat

Lien Khuong Airport, Dalat (DLI) - Vietnam

- Mai Linh Taxi: 063.3.678.888 or
- Thang Loi Taxi: 063.3.835.835
- Dalat Taxi:
You can always use an airport bus service. The advantage of this transportation is the low fares from 40,000 to 50,000 VND / ticket, suitable for travelers traveling alone and less luggage. Airport buses will run continuously throughout the day until there are no flights, so tourists don't need to worry even if
landing at late night.

Popular airlines flying from Hochiminh City to Da Lat

Vietnam Airlines -> 23 USDAir Ivoire -> 29 USDVietjet Air -> 32 USDJetstar Airways -> 17 USD

There are 3 domestic airlines operating flights to Da Lat are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Jetstar. Along with that, international airlines operate flights to Da Lat such as Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Korean Air; Asiana Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines. Flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat costs from 99.000VND to 499.000VND. Ticket prices are for reference only, depending on the airlines and time of booking flights to Da Lat.

Useful information


Most of the visitors come to Da Lat market to visit and go shopping, the market has two areas, the area specializing in selling food items, consumer goods, souvenir outlets, the burden Street. Right at the foot of the Dalat market, there is a flower display shop of Da Lat Hasfarm, a prestigious brand and trusted by tourists for many years. Lang farm specialty restaurant with two main colors are yellow and green, prominent design scattered in the Dalat market area, clean, hygienic, considerate service, feel comfortable for visitors when Shopping, products when clearly the manufacturer, origin, shelf and listing price clear, I think this is a reliable basis for visitors when shopping Dalat specialties.


Da Lat nightlife is not noisy and crowded as Saigon, Dalat owns its peaceful beauty at night but still shimmering with brilliant lights, chronic and full of art. At the night market, you can visit, shop for clothes, shoes, souvenirs or delicate decorations. If asked in the evening in Da Lat where is the most beautiful, the majority of visitors agree with the night market. Because besides shopping activities, this is a culinary paradise in Da Lat. 

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