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Vinh is an ideal destinations for those who want to discover the Vietnam history and also one of the most attractive destinations in the North Central Vietnam. Flight from Saigon to Vinh is offered by many airlines in order to meet the demand of tourists.

Referring to Vinh, tourists will remember immediately to Dung Mountain and Lam River. This city not only has majestic, magnificent and poetic nature but also is a sacred land with extraordinary people. Book flight from Saigon to Vinh to enjoy an unforgettable journey at this land.

Tourist attractions in Vinh

Kim Liên historical relics

Kim Lien historical relic is about 15km from Vinh city in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. This place holds many documents, artifacts, cultural and historical space about the youth of President Ho Chi Minh and two times visit the home of Uncle Ho. The peaceful space with bamboo cottage, gardens, China roses, bamboo trees makes this place become homely and close.

Pu Mat Naional Park

Pu Mat National Park has a large area of forest in the North Central Vietnam and also the world’s biosphere reserve. The park is one of the forests with high biodiversity conserving wild and rare genetic source. Pu Mat is an attractive place with many beautiful landscapes as primary forests, waterfalls and cave. Also, the park attracts tourist by the unique culture of the Thai and Dan Lai ethnic groups.

 Lan Châu Island

Lan Chau Island is also known as Ru Coc Island because its shape looks like a giant toad stretching out toward the sea. The east of the island is many long stretching cliffs with various shapes, while the west is linked to the mainland as a whole. The north has beautiful Bien Ngoc beach. Since the formation of this beautiful and unique structure, Bao Dai King had given an order to build a tower which let people have a view of the whole scenery of Cua Lo, Cua Hoi and Hon Ngu. Standing on the top of that tower, tourists can see  the spacious ocean and enjoy the atmosphere.

Popular airport in Vinh

Vinh Airport, Vinh (VII) - Vietnam

Vinh Intenational Airport

Vinh International Airport is located in Vinh city, Nghe An province. This is one of the large airports of the Central and the country. It is about 6km to the city center, tourists can only take 10 to 15 minutes to go by motorbike or taxi to the heart of the city.

Popular airlines flying from Hochiminh City to Vinh

Jetstar Airways -> 30 USDVietjet Air -> 37 USDVietnam Airlines -> 34 USD

Vietjet Air  at Vinh Airport

Flight from Ho Chi Minh to Vinh is operated by 3 domestic airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and Vietjet Air. Vietnam Airlines is the national airline that always brings the prestige and satisfaction for tourists. The fare from Ho Chi Minh to Vinh is from 1.000.000 to 3.500.000 VND depending on the time of booking. According to Ho Chi Minh to Vinh flight time, there are 10 flights to Vinh every day.

Useful information


Clam porridge

Clam porridge may be available in many places, but traveling to Nghe An and enjoy the clam porridge, tourists can feel its special taste and unique processing. The clam are boiled until their shells start gaping open, gentle pick out the clam meat and put it aside. The clam water is used to cook porridge.  The clam meat is stir-fried with the spices as dried onion, pepper, etc to make the aroma. A bowl of hot clam porridge not only is delicious but also provides a lot of protein. Thus, it has become a popular night food for tourists.

Nhut Thanh CHuong

Nhut Thanh Chuong is one of the specialties in Nghe An that tourists should not ignore. This dish is made from the young jackfruits. Nhut can be eaten like pickles with the salty taste of salt, sour taste and crunchiness of fermented jackfruits.

Nam Dan soy sauce is made from soybean and glutinous rice or corn seeds. The uniqueness of this dish is its aroma and golden color like honey. Although soy sauce is not the main dish, it is placed in the middle of the tray. Soy sauce can be served with many dishes, from vegetable, tofu to fish. When enjoying this dish, you can feel the unforgettable taste of the village in Vietnam.


Cua Lo seafood market

Cua Lo Seafood Market is seen as the “seafood paradise”. It specializes in selling fresh and dried seafood products. Thi is a famous market that tourist should drop by on their journey to Vinh in order to buy seafood as gift for their family and friends.

Night Life

Vinh Center Park

Cua Lo is a worthy place to experience the nightlife in Vinh. Cua Lo at night is not noisy and crowded, but strangely peaceful. Tourists can go for a walk on the beach, enjoy the fresh air as well as can experience the nigh squid fishing with fishermen. Besides, visitors can rent a tandem bicycle to enjoy the beautiful night in Cua Lo.

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