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Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang Province is the largest island of Vietnam. It is also known as the "pearl island" and has the rich tourism development potential.

Due to the rising tourism demand of many people, up to present, there are many flights from Hoi An to Phu Quoc to satisfy the needs of travelers.

Tourism attractions 

Phu Quoc Bai Sao Beach

Because of the pristine, idyllic beaches and friendly people, Phu Quoc Island is considered as the ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists.Travel from Hoi An to Phu Quoc, tourists will certainly have unforgettable memories. Located in An Thoi town, Sao beach is the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, attracts many visitors by the natural beauty. This is a resort paradise with crystal clear water, white sand, and cool air. Sao beach is on a par with the most beautiful beaches in the world, so visitors cannot miss this place when coming to Phu Quoc.

Sao Beach at Phu Quoc

Also located in An Thoi Island and is the most desirable location in Phu Quoc, Hon Thom is known for a long coastline and stunning coral reefs. This is definitely an ideal beach for visitors exploring the ocean. Here, you not only swim but also know more about an interesting daily life of fishermen Coming to Phu Quoc prison located in An Thoi commune – south of Phu Quoc Island, you will easily imagine the extreme misery that our soldiers have suffered throughout the years of fierce war. We admire their courage before the enemy's barbaric torture. Take a tour of the prison, witness the historical object, you will see more clearly the patriotism, understand more about the history of Vietnamese people.

Phu Quoc Prison view from watchtower

Popular airport in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Airport, Phu Quoc (PQC) - Vietnam

Located in Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, Phu Quoc International Airport is the main international airport in southern Vietnam. This airport is Vietnam’s fifth largest airport with a large number of passengers. The airport is an important place to bring Vietnam tourists and international visitors come to Phu Quoc. Currently, on average there are 50 flights taking off and landing at Phu Quoc international airport. 

Popular airlines flying from Hoi An to Phu Quoc

Jetstar Airways -> 22 USDVietnam Airlines -> 48 USDVietjet Air -> 41 USD

Popular airlines in Phu Quoc Up to 2017, Vietnam airline, Vietjet air and Jetstar Pacific airline are the major domestic airlines in Phu Quoc.Getting from Hoi An to Phu Quoc is quite difficult because there is no direct flight from Hoi An to Phu Quoc. Therefore, tourists must go to Da Nang international airport to book a ticket from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city and from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc to fly from Hoi An to Phu Quoc. Fortunately, travelers don't need to worry about flight schedule, as there are many flights from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City and Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc on a daily basis. Total flight time is 200 minutes.

Useful information


Phu Quoc is not only attracted by the beautiful beaches but also known for its unique and diverse culinary culture. Flower crab rice a rustic dish on this beautiful island. Crab rice has characteristic flavor of sea thus, it becomes the famous specialty in Phu Quoc. Flower crab rice is a simple dish and the most important thing is that you must choose fresh crabs which will retain the full essence of the dish. The sweet taste of crab with chili sauce will certainly help you remember this dish forever.

Flower crab rice 

If you get a chance to go to Phu Quoc Island, you should enjoy echinus porridge – famous local specialty on this island. Echinus porridge is quite fatty and fleshy, the unique taste will make this dish memorable. This dish has a taste unlike any other kind of porridge, very suitable to eat at night. However, only the fresh echinus can bring delicious and tasty broth.


Sim wine in Phu Quoc is the most famous specialty wine in Phu Quoc thanks to its safe manufacturing process and experiences of local people. Sim wine has a sweet, blending with an acrid taste. It is a suitable gift for relatives and friends. 

Sim Wine


It is not wrong to say that Phu Quoc is a shopping paradise for tourists. Phu Quoc Pepper Farm on Phu Quoc Island not only becomes popular tourist attractions, attracting many tourists but also is an appropriate location to buy pepper. Phu Quoc pepper is pungent and aromatic. Ganh Gio, Suoi Da, Suoi May, Khu Tuong are famous places to buy high-quality pepper.

Phu Quoc Pepper Farm


The night is an appropriate time for daydreaming and strolling in the long beaches. Tranquil space will help you dispel fatigue and sorrow. Dinh Cau night market is famous for fresh seafood. The market opens from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This market has the souvenir booths with crafts, cosmetics, jewelry which serves the shopping demand of tourists. 

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