Cheap flight from Da Nang to Phu Quoc

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Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, about 574 km². The district of Phu Quoc includes the island proper and 21 smaller isles. Traveling to discover the beautiful tourist destination in Phu Quoc, you will understand why Phu Quoc is always associated

A cheap flight from Da Nang to Phu Quoc costs from 1.320.000 VND to 3.705.000 VND depending on Airlines and the type of a tickets.

Tourism attractions

When you come to Phu Quoc, you should spend some time on going to Hon Mong Tay to explore this absolute wilderness. Furthermore, you can enjoy bathing, playing, picnicking and organizing team building activities. Ideal place for all the above-mentioned activities would be the island of Hon Mong Tay, visitors can dive there and enjoy the beauty of the natural coral reef.

Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream is located in the Phu Quoc forest, which is originated from Ham Ninh mountain, and formed from many little streams. Suoi Tranh is a harmonious combination of tranquil waterfalls with crystal clear water and a blue of Phu Quoc primeval forest. The scenery looks like a painting,  so take your time to contemplate the amazing scenery. 

Thom Island

An island located in the An Thoi archipelago is considered to be the most worthy place to visit because of its beauty. Here tourists can also dive to see beautiful coral reefs. Hon Thom is famous for its clean and pristine beaches, thus Hon Thom currently attracts a lot of tourists. Ham Ninh fishing village is an old fishing village in Phu Quoc which is again another beautiful spot. Here you can witness absolutely stunning sunrises or sunsets. In Ham Ninh fishing village you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also enjoy the delicious seafood such as crab, nautilus, shellfish at very reasonable prices.

This is an important tourist destination, although less known, Ganh Dau cape is an ideal place for international tourists to visit. Sea bathing, watching the beautiful scenery and total feeling of peace and serenity. How to get from Da Nang to Phu Quoc .The distance from Da Nang to Phu Quoc is about 793 km. It is quite far, so booking flights from Da Nang to Phu Quoc will be the best choice. Phu Quoc Airport is located in Duong Dong Town, quite close to the center. If the hotel does not have a pickup service, you can catch a taxi.

Popular airport in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Airport, Phu Quoc (PQC) - Vietnam

Phu Quoc International Airport (IATA: PQC, ICAO: VVPQ) is the main international airport on Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam. The airport was initially able to handle about 2.5 million passengers and the maximum capacity will be 7 million passengers. Up to now, the domestic airlines operating this route are Vietnam Airlines, which has flights of at least one departure in another, Vietjet air and Jetstar Pacific. If you are still determined to go by plane, you should consult before the trip in accordance with the purpose of your trip. You can book tickets for Da Nang to Phu Quoc flights online to save your time. You can visit the above airline’ websites to get the ticket or click here to own a suitable ticket right now.Ticket price from Da Nang to Phu Quoc Vietjet Air From Da Nang to HCM then from HCM to Phu Quoc 1.320.000 VNDJetstar From Da Nang to Sai Gon (HCM) then to Phu Quoc 1.520.000 VND Vietnam airlines From Da Nang to Sai Gon (HCM) then to Phu Quoc 1.720.000 VND Click here to book cheap flights from Da Nang to Phu Quoc. 

Phu Quoc International Airport

Popular airlines flying from Da Nang to Phu Quoc

Jetstar Airways -> 22 USDVietjet Air -> 41 USDVietnam Airlines -> 48 USD

Useful information

Flying from Da Nang Airport, you will land at Phu Quoc International Airport located in the southern part of Phu Quoc Island. After checking in and picking up luggage at the first floor of the airport terminal of the airport, you can call Mai Linh or Sasco taxi to go straight to the city and start your trip. In addition, an absolutely genuine gambler cannot ignore motorcycles - the perfect vehicle for exploring the alleys on the island. Motorbikes can be rented quickly and easily at the airport without depositing money or any other identification. Price is also quite appropriate, ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day depending on type of car. Please note that when riding a motorcycle from the airport you will be charged a surcharge of 5.000 VND. If you travel with crowds and want to tour around the island, you should rent a private car for about 650,000 VND.

Phu Quoc Hotel
- The resort, hotel, resort in Duong Dong town is quite rich, both the luxury and the popular areas for tourists. The price ranges from 278,000VND / room / night. Some hotels you can refer to:
- Eden Resort, Phu Quoc (Cua Lap, Duong To, Phu Quoc) price from 1.173.000VND / room/night
- Phu Quoc Castaways Resort (143 Tran Hung Dao street) price from 695.079 VND / room /night
- Thien Thanh Resort, Phu Quoc (Tran Hung Dao Street, Bai Dai) costs from 1,269,975 VND / room/night

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