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To discover the interesting tourist attractions, unique culture and cuisine in Pleiku- a city of the Central Highlands, tourists should quickly book cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Pleiku at AloTrip.

Pleiku is the third largest city in the Central Highlands Vietnam and considered as the most important urban area in the North Central Highlands.  With the cool air, foggy roads bearing the typical features of the mountain city, Pleiku has become an ideal destination for tourists. To discover the tourist attractions, unique culture and cuisine here, tourists quickly book cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Pleiku at AloTrip.

Tourist attractions in Pleiku


Called as “Pleiku Eyes”, Bien Ho or T’nung Lake is located about 7km from the city center along Highway no.14. Its name means a sea on the mountain. The first impression of tourists when coming to Bien Ho is the crystal clear water, the gentler cool breezes blowing away the heat of the coastal area. The atmosphere is really pleasant.  The lake has never been out of water and is full of turquoise water all year round that looks like a giant mirror, reflecting the clouds and blue sky. The lake is beautiful at all times of the day. When the sun rises, the water lake is clear and blue. When the sun sets, the scene is tinted with reddish-brown colors, creating a romantic scene.

Minh Thanh Pagoda

Minh Thanh Pagoda owns the most unique architecture in the Central with many influences from Chinese and Japanese architectural styles. It is not only a pride of people but also an attractive sightseeing place in Pleiku.

Dai Doan Ket Square

Situated in the city center, Dai Doan Ket Square is considered as the heart of Pleiku. This is a key project of the city with the statue of President Ho Chi Minh leaning on Ham Rong - the highest peak of Pleiku. Especially behind the Uncle statue is the bas relief which recreates the scenery and life of the people in the Central Highlands.

Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant

Yaly Hydro-electric Power Plant is located between the majestic mountains and the peaceful Se San River. This is a modern and massive construction attracting many tourists. In addition, tourists can drop by the village of Gia Rai ethnic people or sit on the boat to admire the mountains and enjoy the fresh air of the Central Highlands.

Popular airport in Pleiku

Pleiku Airport, Pleiku (PXU) - Vietnam


Pleiku Airport

Pleiku Airport is located Gia Lai province, about 3km from the northeast. It plays an important role in the network of airport across the country. To travel to Pleiku, tourists can book Ho Chi Minh to Pleiku flight of Vietnam Airlines or Vietjet Air with the frequency of 3-4 flights/day. The airfare from Ho Chi Minh to Pleiku is about 700.000 VND/ticket/route. The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Pleiku is about 700km, the flight time will take 1hour and 5 minutes.

Popular airlines flying from Hochiminh City to Pleiku

Vietnam Airlines -> 27 USDVietjet Air -> 40 USDJetstar Airways -> 25 USD

Vietnam Airlines in Pleiku Airport

- Vietnam Airlines

- Jetstar 

- Vietjet Air

- Philippine Airlinelines

- Silkair

- Singapore Airlines

Flights to Pleiku

- Hai Phong – Pleiku

- Danang – Pleiku

- Hanoi – Pleiku

- Ho Chi Minh – Pleiku

- Singapore – Pleiku

- Beijing- Pleiku

Useful information

The dry season, especially the last months of the year from November to Tet holiday is the most ideal time to visit Pleiku. At this time, wild sunflowers blossom like the smooth yellow carpets along the road making the mountains and forest of the Central Highlands more brilliant. Also, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in traditional festivals of ethnic minorities.


Pho Kho (Dried Noodled)

The must-try dishes in the Central Highlands are dried noodles (Pho Kho), banh beo chen, crab noodles, banh canh bot loc… In addition, specialties of ethnic people here such as grilled beef, grilled wild boar, com lam (bamboo cooked rice) also attracts many tourists to Pleiku.

Pleiku Coffee

A famous drink that everyone knows is the strong coffee of the Central Highlands. Enjoying the delicious taste of coffee with friends or relatives in the morning to start a wonderful day.


Unlike the cuisine, shopping in Pleiku is quite expensive. The brocade items, souvenir or specialties are often sold at the high prices. There are not many souvenir shops in Pleiku. Here are some reputable shops that tourists can drop by to buy gifts for relatives.

- Thu Ha coffee (09 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Pleiku - 059.3600 652).

- Phuong Coffee (27 Tang Bat Ho, Pleiku - 059.3823935).

- Tra Thinh Phat (08 Le Lai, Pleiku - 059.3824598).

- Highland souvenir shop (57 Quang Trung, Pleiku - 059.3719759).

- Hoang Ha souvenir shop (11A Quang Trung, Pleiku - 059.3871 332).

- Tung Linh Souvenir shop (54 Tran Hung Dao, Pleiku - 059.3830 402).

- Ngoc Linh souvenir shop (23 Nguyen Van Troi, Pleiku - 059.3823 663).

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