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Vietnam Sustainable Development Business Forum 2015

Sat, 16 May 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:28

At the Vietnam Sustainable Development Business Forum 2015, Deputy Prime Minister had praised many achievements of businesses in Vietnam in terms of developing economy towards sustainable goals.

Recently, in Hanoi, Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry coordinated with British Council to organize Vietnam Sustainable Development Business Forum 2015. The forum has the participation of Mr. Vu Duc Dam - Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of National Council on competition improvement and sustainable development, representative of UK Senate, representative of United Nations and World Bank Vietnam, along with leaders of ministries, branches, international organization, institutes, and businesses.


Mr. Vu Duc Dam - Deputy PM speaks at VSDB Forum


This is the second forum on Vietnam sustainable development business held to create opportunity for enterprises and relevant units update information on new topics and trends relating to sustainable development, as well as discuss about regulations, methods and models of sustainable business in the world and in Vietnam. At the forum, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the achievements of the first forum. He also recognize through operations of Vietnam business council for sustainable development in joining the implementation of the government's decision to improve the Vietnam business environment, creating initial significant changes in sustainable development, and encouraging investment in the poor, social responsibility of businesses... He also stressed the pledge of government in support business council in improving productivity, competitiveness and sustainable development.

The Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that Vietnam had made many attempts to implement millennium goals and have right choices on balanced development, towards remote areas and the poor. Although not satisfying with the results (low productivity, and medium income, the Deputy Prime Minister expresses his optimism when there are many businesses acknowledging their social responsibility and business ethics towards sustainable development. Vice Chairman of VCCI - Mr. Vu Duc Khuong said that in the difficult context of Vietnam economy, and deeper international integration, to increase the competitiveness, Vietnam businesses have to bring available strengths into play to stay in the market, maintain and enhance production and business. In addition, it is necessary to be active in finding a new way to take advantages brought by global sustainable development.


A automobile factory in Vietnam


Representative of the international community, Baroness Thornton, Deputy Minister of Equality - the Opposition Party of Senate UK stated that Vietnam could be proud of the progresses made in the promotion and development of the business models. She also recommended that the key factor to create to social business is human - whom have dreams, motivations and desires to solve social problems as well as environment, and be proud of their job. Also, creating an environment with a favorable policies is important. At the end of the forum, Mr. Vu Duc Dam said that developing economy is very important, but it is necessary to take growth targets and steps into considerations to ensure a sustainable development. From now on, Vietnam enterprises need to renew their business management, save energies towards a sustainable development.

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