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What toiletries to pack for Vietnam trip

Wed, 18 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Preparing for a trip is a key to make your visit as safe and pleasurable as possible. Along with important luggage, you should pay attention to what toiletries to pack for Vietnam trip in order to perfectly enjoy your trip to this beautiful country.

A list of "essential" toiletries could be considerably different among tourists depending on their demanding; it's the area most subject to personal inclination. A good moisturizer would be on many lists, which could extend to include the conditioner, face lotion, makeup, mascaras, and much more. Skin chemistries vary as widely as personal tastes, though what is perfect for one person can be a disaster for another. Some following recommendations to what toiletries to pack for Vietnam trip thus mainly pertain to volumes and weight.


Toothbrush, tooth cleaner, floss


Tooth cleaners for Vietnam travel


The most necessary utensils you have to deliberately prepare for Vietnam travel first are toothbrush, tooth cleaner and floss. A cap for your toothbrush will retain it clean, make it more packable, allow it to dry easily, and let you hang it on the nearest mirror or similar surface. You do not have to look for a sanitary storage spot.

In addition to its intended use, dental floss serves a myriad of other functions, challenged only by the sarong and bandana for multi-use potential. In fact, it handles a variety of tying chores, securing pants legs, replacing a broken shoelace, and securing a plastic bag over a wine bottle as an impromptu cork. Floss also plays a role as a superb slicing tool, and can be used to cut items such as cheese, cake, pastry, and cold butter.

Many people misunderstanding the intended function of dental floss (which is to remove the film between your teeth, not dislodge food particles), use it incorrectly. Teeth should be flossed after brushing, not before. When using a tooth cleaner that incorporates fluoride, it's better to let it remain in your mouth while flossing, then rinse afterward.

Razor, blades, shaving lubricant


Prepare razor kit before travelling to Vietnam


Some hardy people use soap, yet sensitive skins demand something with more lubricative value. A remarkably effective alternative to a container of shaving cream / gel / foam is shaving oil, a tiny 1/4-ounce plastic bottle of which will last for up to 90 times.

Do not hesitate to shave in cold water: a surprisingly large number of people do so by choice. It's certainly better for your skin, and actually quite refreshing, though some may find that it takes getting used to.

In the absence of the no-longer-produced AVID4 Shaving System (the best travel razor ever for long time), inexpensive disposable razors are probably the best alternative. Coming Vietnam, you completely are free to choose these as long as they meet your requirements and aesthetics.

Shampoo, bar soap and container


Essential toiletries for Vietnam trip


Travelling to Vietnam, you will not worry about lack of them. Shampoos, bar soaps or containers are always available for your choice both from popularity to luxury as well.

Many tourists will find them actually useful when they are far away from their home.

Nail clippers: Try to find stainless steel ones (at good cutlery stores) in order to ensure your toe nail heath during your travel. Also, there is an abundance of nail clippers in the market with the variety of prices. It is better to be smart buyers.

Mirror: You had better avoid glass when choosing mirror, which is heavy and prone to breakage; look for one made of thin acrylic or metal.

Besides, if there is still room in your suitcases, try to put some other utensils (in case needed), such as hair dryer, towelettes, washcloths, antibacterial wipes, etc…

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