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Best luggage for Vietnam travel

Wed, 18 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Prepare best luggage for Vietnam travel is a very important issue, especially for oversea travel. Therefore, you should pay a special attention to a few following things to be better prepared for your trip.

Luggage regulations need to know


Best luggage for Vietnam travel


Generally, when travelling to Vietnam, passenger each might be only allowed carrying 20 kilograms of registered luggage (not include hand luggage). Hand luggage must not exceed 7 kilograms and not bloated. This also helps travelers not be tired with their luggage while moving in their excursions.

You will also need to know about prohibited items not to be allowed when abroad. Do not put weapons (knives, scissors…) or fire appliances (gas, lighters...) in your hand luggage. All liquids related to the water, perfume...should not be carried in your hand luggage as customs can confiscate them. In addition, do not leave your money, passports, and valuable items in registered baggage when you arrange and prepare best luggage for Vietnam travel.


Choosing the right type of suitcase


You should choose a lightweight suitcase but safe enough. Some types of suitcase manufactured from 100% recycled plastic seem to be suitable in that case. However, you should check out information about the airline's luggage weight allowing.




Prepare costumes before travelling to Vietnam


Travelers should choose compact and suitable outfit for your trips. You should pay attention to programs on your trip. In detail, you should wear shorts, bring slippers and put on bathing costumes when go to beaches. In contrast, you must dress formally when visit Churches, Temples, historical sites and sacred places in Vietnam... Also, you should wear heavy stuffs like the cloak, ball gowns, jackets and coats or put on hand when boarding. Try put scarves, gloves, wool hats or shirts into sleeves. By this way, you have to spend a fairly large space for other furniture rest in your luggage.


Roll clothes to save luggage area


This seems fairly simple, yet it is a technique having been tested and actually effective. Additionally, try to select types of clothing made ​​of friendly trips as denim or knitted fabrics with wearable designs.


Just bring necessary accessories


Essential items for travelling Vietnam


The most essential accessories when taking part in Vietnam travel mainly include gloves, scarves, wool hats, and boots. If it rains or snows in the winter, you should bring one or two pairs of them more to prevent from the wet. You had better select thin, warm utensils but waterproof.


Additional, to all of important paperwork such as passports, valuable documents, cash and other personal property of great value, you should always take them with you or send them in the registered area at the hotel. Do not leave in the room, in case of theft. If going out of the hotel, you try to remember the way to come back or bring hotel card if necessary.


Reserve space for stuffs to buy


If luckily, there are shopping centers or malls in their off season right on your vacation, remember to set aside a certain spot in the suitcase for these arising.

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