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Travel insurance in Vietnam

Wed, 18 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Travel insurance in Vietnam will assist tourists in protection, treatment and recovery risks; simultaneously, ensuring to minimize maximum losses of life and property.

Importance of travel insurance

Vietnam gradually becomes one of top ideal destinations in Asia with its hidden beauty. It is actually worth for tourists setting foot in the beautiful country. Yet in any trips, unwanted anything can happen and it is better you get yourself prepared. Getting travel insurance sometimes will save you a large of your money, even so at least it gives you peace of mind. You know you are protected to a certain extent.

There are many unexpected things that could happen on the road, to anyone, in any country or territory and at any time while your travel. Your trip will be completely interrupted with some of the most popular scenarios, such as your relatives get sick and you need to cancel your non-refundable packaged tour; a sudden typhoon makes your flight and hotels cancel; get caught in the hospital for an injury and have to pour all of your previous savings into one treatment. Thus, travel insurance in Vietnam should be actually necessary for any your trips.


Types of travel insurance


Visible benefits when owning insurance for Vietnam travel


Buying Vietnam travel insurance means that you buy peace of your mind. It is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss in exchange for payment. The purchase of travel insurance presents to aid tourists getting the peace of mind in order to comfortably enjoy their trip. In addition, it protect you from away the risks of travel and reduce financial loss. The level and intensity of risks when traveling are unpredictable. In such situation, travel insurance will assist tourists in protection, treatment and recovery risks; simultaneously, ensuring to minimize maximum losses of life and property. Accordingly, the travel insurance fee level for abroad travelling will differ, depending on destination and duration.

Trip cancellation: When directly booking your flight or even from Vietnam Airlines websites, you will be asked whether you want to purchase a flight or trip cancellation insurance. Unless you are completely sure that you will make it for the trip, it may be wise to purchase one. This flight cancellation insurance starts from $13 and will be an excellent deal in case your flight or trip gets cancelled.


A kind of travel health insurance


Travel Health Insurance: Your national health care insurance will not cover your trip to Vietnam in particular. Yet this insurance in Vietnam will cover for costs arising in the event of illness, injury or death during the trip and where necessary the provision of emergency medical assistance.

Flight Insurance: Flight insurance will work only in case the plane crashed; however, you might rest assured that it is unheard of the history of flight to Vietnam.

Baggage Insurance: It will be actually nightmare if you land and find out that you lost your baggage or your 2 trolleys were totally damaged. Most airlines will provide only hefty reimbursement in case of lost luggage. Baggage insurance now will be helpful if you travel long distance.

Additionally, despite going with individual coverage, you may also purchase insurance plan as follow:

Vacation plan: this is the most popular type of all travel insurance for any tourists. Vacation plan includes trip cancellation or interruption, loss or delays of luggage, medical emergencies, and some other coverage depending on the insurance providers.

Specialty plan: this includes evacuation plans and sudden accident plans. The insurance will cover for the transport and any emergency medical costs associated with the occurrence while you are abroad.

Travel medical plan: Travel medical insurance will focus on your health only, so do not expect them to cover your baggage loss or trip cancellation. The coverage under this plan will include your medical expenses while abroad and emergency evacuations.


Time to get travel insurance


It is a wise idea to take an insurance before travelling Vietnam


It is best to get your Vietnamese travel insurance as you start your booking process: reserving a flight ticket, making deposit for a package tour to Vietnam or paying for your cruise trips.


Where to buy travel insurance

Currently, there are many travel insurance companies. You should carefully find out about types of insurance, insurance time, fee level, compensation fee, insurance procedure… before buying. Hence, you could assess and make decisions in accordance with the demand as well as your money pocket.

Finally, it is a top recommendation to read up on Vietnam in general, the customs and laws, health issues and warnings. Health warnings can change in Vietnam, so keep up to date, check in with your local medical travel centre at least six weeks before you go.

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