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Things to do before travelling to Vietnam

Wed, 11 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Carefully arrange your furniture, clean the house, or return books to the library are the most important things to do before travelling to Vietnam.

On the day of the departure, your mentality is usually quite excited and rushed; therefore, you may not be able to remember all the things needed to bring. To retain a perfect trip, you should take the time to prepare a day in advance, deliberately arranging your luggage.

The most important and necessary things guaranteeing your perfect trip to Vietnam is that you must ensure safety for your own home while you are away. Carefully inspect all your doors and windows to ensure that they are completely secure. If using any alarm services, you make sure to notify them of your plans, and let them know who to contact for emergencies. It is better to share your traveling plan to your best relatives or friends. Make sure that someone knows your trip, and can deal with emergencies during your absence.

prepare travel luggage


Pack everything a day in advance would be an ideal time to carry on exactly what you would like to accompany. Pack your clothes and necessary personal belongings in suitcases first, then cosmetics and bath toiletries. You should also consider what to carry in order that your belongings will not exceed the allowed weight. That is one of the most important things to do before travelling to Vietnam.

Pay special attention to your cards and payment methods before your departure. Inform your credit or debit card issuers of your travel dates and locations; else they might interrupt your accounts when unexpected charges appear from far afield. It is one of the most important things for tourists in their global travels in general and Vietnam travel in particular. In addition, ensure that nothing important (passport, ATM and credit cards, etc…) will expire while you're away.

Make the arrangements for the payment of any bills that might come due during your trip; conveniently, switching to online payment options can facilitate this situation. If using a cellular telephone with a prepaid plan, you must ensure that it has sufficient remaining time.

A kind of P.O Box


Travel to Vietnam or another country means you will be far away your home a certain time. You should suspend your mail delivery, or have it forwarded appropriately (to a rented P.O. box if a long trip makes it necessary) in order that you will not lose important information on work, and other important home services as well. Besides, keep in abeyance or cancel your newspaper delivery and other unnecessary services (like magazines, gym membership…) during your travelling period.

Another important attention, you should unplug electric appliances at your home during your absence (do not just turn them off); your gadgets will be actually safer and more rested, and why pay for electricity to keep remote controls functional while you're away? That said, leaving a couple of lights on when you're away gives your house an "occupied" look; just use energy-saving bulbs. For an even more elaborate approach, consider using a fake television for your home safety.

Besides, before starting out, you should pay attention to take care deliberately around your home. Circumspectly water your plants; clean gutters outdoor, toilets, and anything else prone to "growing" stuff when you're not around; adjust your thermostat settings and check its batteries as appropriate; check your refrigerator and other storage locations for food properly that could spoil; throw out your garbage (including any lurking in the disposal unit); turn off taps, washing machines and anything else that could leak or freeze while unattended, etc…All should be done before your departure.

Another important note, before your Vietnam travel day, call for your partner to make sure your ticket to Vietnam, your flight and your hotel in Vietnam to be conveniently arranged. Also, keep contacting the taxi, child care services at tourist ensure that the trip will not encounter any obstacles.

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