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Prepare for Vietnam travel packages

Wed, 11 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:44

Thoughtful prepare for Vietnam travel packages will actually bring you an unforgettable experience. Therefore, you should pay a special attention on a few things to be better prepared for your trip.

A successful trip usually starts with a prepared list of necessary supplies to carry out. With this list, you can save much time to prepare for Vietnam travel packages, less fatigue in arranging luggage and will not forget any utensils - necessary and important things for your trip. List of items will help to promptly put everything in order and prevent you from putting unnecessary belongings for a trip.

These items should be prepared while travelling:


Money and identity documents


US Dollar widely used in Vietnam


• Travel flight ticket

• Passport with Vietnam visa (if needed) / ID card

• A copy of marriage registration (for check-in to the hotel when traveling with family)

• A copy of the child's birth certificate (to check-in when participate in domestic travel without a passport, or ID card)

• Emergency telephone number - the address of your Embassy in Vietnam

• Frequent flyer cards / frequent guest cards

• 2 pieces of individual photos (passport size), copies of personal information in the passport (used when the passport is lost)

• Vouchers / coupons / ticket types (when booking services)

• Cash / ATM card

• Foreign currency / credit cards / debit cards

• Master / Visa Card (while traveling abroad)

• Important email addresses

• A copy of the list of belongings (to easily check when you return home, or declare as lost luggage)

• Driving license and travel insurance (if you drive yourself to travel)




• Digestion medicines

• Flu, sore throat, fever medicines

• Sunscreen, lip cracking resistance, anti- allergy, anti - insect creams...

• Anti - skin allergy creams

• Vitamins

• Motion sickness, flight, train sickness medicines


Electrical equipment and electronics


Travel Gear


• Mobile

• Cameras (film, digital), battery

• iPods / Discman / MP3 player, battery

• Camcorders, tape / disk to record

• The mini DVD video player, DVD film disks

• Battery charger for mobile phones, cameras, video players, and laptop

• Suitable sockets or multinational sockets (while traveling abroad)


Personal hygiene belongings


• Toothbrushes, toothpastes, combs

• Shampoo

• Creams, cosmetics and shaving utensils

• Mouthwash

• Bandoline, travel flat iron…


Other stuffs


Essential items for travelling Vietnam


• Bags, backpacks, suitcases for storing necessary paperwork, flight tickets, passport, money

• Magazines, books

• Paper notes

• Vietnam map, Vietnam travel guidebooks

• Ear plugs (while sleeping) / water resistance device (while swimming), eye masks (when sleeping), bed pillows (in cars, planes)


On-beach utensils


• Swimsuits (2 sets / person)

• Sandal shoes with waterproof

• Swimming goggles, masks - diving tube

• Waterproof Camcorder

• Broad-brimmed hats

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen cream

• Buoys, pumps


Picnic utensils


• Insect repellent creams / oils

• Kinds of lotion

• Picnic shoes

• Wool hats, socks (if needed)

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