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Bay Canh Island

Con Dao Island, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam

Tourists will have an opportunity to explore extremely diverse flora and fauna on Bay Canh Island. It is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Con Dao annually alluring numerous both domestic and international tourists.

Bay Canh Island, also known as Hon Bay Canh is the 2nd largest island of 16 islands in Con Dao archipelago. Located in the east of Con Dao Islands, Bay Canh Islet is covered by primitive forest, mangroves under the offshore island ecosystem with 882 plant species and 150 species of animal. It can be said that Hon Bay Canh converges the great number of factors attracting tourists to Con Dao travel. Here, tourists will have the opportunity to scuba diving to admire coral, fish and other marine species living on coral reefs. Discovering Bay Canh Island is one of the impressive things to do in Con Dao.


Panoramic view of Bay Canh Island


Exploring the nature, setting foot on the woods, immersing in the sea are the justifiable desire of any tourists. Going to Hon Bay Canh, tourists will have a chance to explore the mangrove forest ecosystem. Forests tightly hugging the coast actually look like close. Con Dao Mangroves are distributed mainly on the dead coral soil, sand or soft clay. This is also the different characteristics of Con Dao mangroves compared to other mangrove system in Vietnam. When the tide decreases, tourists can still easily travel in the woods without muddy as elsewhere. It is extremely suitable for those who are interested in trekking.


Bay Canh Island - Mangrove forests


As one of the most appealing Con Dao attractions, Bay Canh Island has now transformed itself into a green tourist paradise with white sand shores, blue sea waters, pristine forests and majestic mountains. Thanks to 3 positions facing the sea and surrounded by numerous small islands, it is also an ideal rendezvous for exciting picnics on holidays or leisure tourism to many tourists. In particular, one of the ecotourism routes attracting most interests of tourists in Con Dao travel is to set foot on Bay Canh Island - the island known as the "superlative ecotourism Island in Con Dao". It deserves one of the most impressive attractions in Con Dao thanks to many advantages of recreational activities such as admire the forests and sea, mangrove tours or contemplate sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach.


Turtles lay their eggs on Bay Canh Island


To catch the lovely island, tourists should depart from Con Dao tourism pier to the island located in the east. During the 45 minute tourist route, tourists have the opportunity to admire Con Dao town view from the sea to the Center with red tile roofs mixed with blue of the sea, forest and blue sky in Con Dao. Tourists also have a chance to feel and immerse themselves in the cool breeze blowing from the ocean, closely contemplate small islands and mountains, namely Shark Cape, Trac Lon (Big), Trac Nho (Small), Tai Lon (Large Prosperity), Tai Nho (Small Prosperity), Hon Tho (Rabbit Island), Hon Bong Lan (Bong Lan Island), Mui Chim Chim Mui Mountains orbiting the islands and shielding Con Dao Bay from Northeast - Southeast directions.


Reefs on Bay Canh Island


Participating in snorkeling tours in the depth from 5m to 20m, tourists will comfortably admire the colorful vivid picture of ocean world with numerous marine species retaining interesting shapes. Scuba diving is a travel trend which has been recently popular. It will be a big deficiency if going to Hon Bay Canh without trying scuba diving. In addition, Bay Canh Island also houses abundant marine resources with dolphins, green sea turtles, dugongs, rock snails, scaly giant clams, sea cucumbers, or brain corals... In particular, tourists also have the opportunity to witness sea turtle nesting and laying their eggs on the beach. This spectacle has rarely seen in other seas. Such experiences surely satisfy all the travel needs of tourists in the journey of discovering their own Con Dao travel.


Magnificent scenery on Bay Canh Island


Exploring mangrove ecosystems, scuba diving to contemplate the coral reefs and unique marine life or witnessing turtles laying eggs will be unforgettable impression for tourists once taking part in Con Dao tours to Bay Canh Island. Thanks to a diverse ecosystem on both the forest and the sea, Con Dao tourism in general and Bay Canh Island in particular will certainly be the must choice for a picnic or camping trip to explore the nature attracting both domestic and international tourists.

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