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Saigon, a 300 year city in the southern part of a Long S-Shaped country, is never ceased to amaze and attract visitors, travellers and tourist from all area in the world coming to visit. There are many flights from Bangkok to Saigon now for this demand.

Saigon, now named Ho Chi Minh city, a young city with just about more than 300 years of history – Once praised as the Oriental Pearl, Saigon now is Vietnam’s leading city in development, investment, and tourist attraction. Sai Gon continues to impress travelers, tourists and visitors from around the world with its growing economy, busy and busting life-styles, yet able to maintain its traditional street-life. Therefore, there are many airines operates flights to Saigon, including flights from Bangkok to Saigon

Tourist attractions in Saigon

Binh Tay Market

Tourists coming to Saigon will most likely know about Ben Thanh market. But when Ben Thanh Market in District 1 serves to wide range of people, both for local and visitors alike, Binh Tay Market mainly serves the local population with its various range of fruits, vegetables, poultry, meats and Seafood. The Market was built by the French in the 1800s, and located in the Chinatown.

Binh Tay Market

Cu Chi Tunnels

If tourists and travellers ever wonder how Vietnamese Soldiers and armies can move undetected by enemies during the 30 years war between Vietnam and America, they would need to visit the Cu Chi tunnels. There, visitors will not only be guided and watch informative video about the Viet Cong daily life duirng the war, but they also get to crawl through a small sectors of the tunnels, which are now has been widened and supported with concrete.

Cu Chi Tunnels - Bomb Makers

Popular airport in Saigon

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Vietnam


Located about 6km from District 1, Tan Son Nhat Airport is currently the only international airport in Sai Gon, which served about 32.5 million passengers in 2016 (based on wikipedia), this actual number of passengers served surpass its capacity of about 25 million passengers, and is continueing to increase. Therefore, there has been discussed about whether expanding the current airport or building a new one.

Tan Son Nhat international airport

The Bangkok to Saigon flight duration is about 1.5 hour direct flight which makes the total Bangkok to Saigon flight time about 2 hours.

Popular airlines flying from Bangkok to Saigon

Finnair -> 1,793 USDThai Smile Airways -> 104 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 353 USDJeju Air -> 403 USD
Turkish Airlines -> 1,619 USDMalaysia Airline -> 139 USDLao Airlines -> 153 USDJetstar Airways -> 54 USD
Singapore Airlines -> 355 USDVietjet Air -> 71 USDAsiana Airlines -> 623 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 215 USD
Sichuan Airlines -> 337 USDThai Airways -> 122 USDKorean Air -> 973 USDBangkok Airways -> 179 USD
Lanmei Airlines -> 246 USDChina Eastern Airlines -> 464 USDEva Airways -> 370 USDAll Nippon Airways <-> 1,154 USD

Due to high demand of travellers coming to Saigon through Bangkok, therre are various airlines providing and servicing the Bangkok to Saigon flights, including both Standard Airlines such as Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, to low cost carriers such as Jet Star, Cathay Pacific Airlines. Passengers can choose both direct flighs with the Bangkok to Saigon flight fare about $270 which is about 6 mil VND or a connecting flight transiting in Kuala Lampur or Singapre at a fare about 237$ or about 5.3 mil VND. The Bangkok to Saigon distance is about 862.5 km on road.

Useful information

Shopping in Sai Gon

Ranging from High – end luxury brands in Commercial shopping center, to the local shops carrying local brands, souvenirs or some copy style of luxury brands, Saigon shopping scene is offering travellers and tourists with all different shopping experience.

Inside Diamond Plaza Shopping Arcade Void in Ho Chi Minh City

Dining in Saigon

Having a local food specialty at a street-food vendor or Dining at a up-scaled restaurant, Enjoying Local fooods or Experiencing Internatioanl cuisines, Tourists and Travellers in Vietnam will be satisfied for whatever their dining needs maybe.

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