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Hunting shark in Phu Quy Island

Wed, 03 Sep 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:48

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The beautiful Phu Quy is becoming one of the ideal attractions of tourists when coming to Binh Thuan province because the stunning and unspoiled and interesting stories about the fishing whale of fishermen.

Phu Quy is a beautiful island located about more than 100 kilometers away from Binh Thuan. Before when referring to Phu Quy, people always think about a remote island hiding many mysteries. Currently, there are 2 to 3 boats from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy every week and vice versa. The journey discovering Phu Quy Island is very interesting because this island is still unspoiled and has no shadow of rampant tourism. We have heard the information from this island, there is a special job on this island that is hunting shark.

The team of the program “Vietnam Discovery” comes to the island by a cargo ship because the high speed boats do not put into operation during the rainy days. Taking about 8 hours on the sea, though every people are tired, when arriving at Phu Quy, we are excited because we were going to discover the new things from this beautiful island.

Phu Quy is bestowed the beautiful landscapes by the nature with the clear and blue sea, fine white sand stretching along the spectacular and poetic mountains. Thanks to the pristine beauty, Phu Quy is becoming the favorite attractions of those who love to explore.  They want to live in the peaceful atmosphere and close to the friendly and honesty people.

However, in the program today, we want to introduce you a fishing village that has the most households participate in fishing shark to learn more about this job. We come to Quy Thanh village that has 80% of household living on the sea, of which all they hunted shark. Quy Thanh fishing village is quiet and peaceful as many other fishing villages of Vietnam. The sun and wind do not fade their suffering. We are fortunate to meet Mr. Doan Nuoi who has much experience in hunting whale.

Unfortunately, this was the end of the season; the sea was rough, boats anchored to wait the fishing season. He could not take us far out the sea to record an interesting journey of this fishing village and perhaps each voyage lasts almost a month. Therefore, Mr. Nuoi led us to a boat of Mr. Bang who has much experience in hunting sharp to hear about their dangerous job.

Local people call the sharks as sea tigers to show their value and danger. Although we are not lucky to go to the sea along with the boat, we have a chance to meet the enthusiastic fishermen to learn about the hunting sea tiger. Hunting shark brings the high income but it is also proportional to the danger. Only few hours from the mainland to the island, we were very tired because of the seasickness, the fishermen here travel on the sea a month to find the sharks. They don’t choose the quiet water sea, they often go to the deep and most dangerous sea water, because there are abundant whale source. That is the lair of whales.

When meeting the source of shark, fishermen are very excited. The battle between the little fishermen and sea tigers is very fierce. But people do not always win. Many people were fallen into the sea or hooks slinging hands and sharks pulled away. Sometimes the aggressive whales attach the ships. On the vast ocean, the shadow of Mr. Nuoi and Mr. Bang is very small. They bear the destiny conquering the nature, following the dangerous job of ancestors. They have witnessed the prosperous moments thanks to the sharks. But sometime they have fallen by this dangerous employment. We see that in their eye, this is not only the job to earn money but also the way to show the sense of purpose and uprightness of the fishermen. Nothing can prevent them whether it is the hurricane of the Mother Nature or the aggressive shark.

However the hunting shark has decreased in recent years. The disturbing scene of territorial water when the boats go out to the sea in order to hunt shark is only in the memories of many people. The life is easier and many other valuable aquatic resources are gradually exploited to replace the shark. Those who follow this job are pity for a golden age, but their wives and children relieve by knowing know that they have reduced a great danger for the living. For us, when knowing this situation, we have the complex feelings, there is glad because the sad ending will reduce, but there is also a pity because an interesting job will be gradually lost. 

Leaving the sea, learning more about the hunting shark, we are more respected the fishermen here. They are the people who dare conquer the challenges to win nature and the fear themselves when facing the danger.


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