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Phu Quoc diversifies tourism products

Tue, 31 Mar 2015 . Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:25

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Thanks to the convenient transportation, development infrastructure, the favorable climate, Phu Quoc always attracts tourists from around the world coming to explore and experience perfect tourism services on this beautiful island.

Since 2000, when the government allowed to implement a number of mechanisms and policies of economic zones at the border, dozens of businesses have invested hundreds of billions VND for Phu Quoc tourism. Currently, Phu Quoc has more than 70 hotels with about 1500 rooms. In addition to offering different types of rooms, Oriental hotel of Kien Giang Travel Company collaborates with many domestic and foreign companies to organize interesting tour packages such as fishing squid at night, scuba diving, surfing, etc.

And this is Sasco Blue Lagoon resort of Vietnam Airlines Corporation. There are dozens 4-star standard rooms and freshwater lakes built in the campus with the beautiful landscape. Restaurants serve tourists both day and night with many different forms. Seafood dishes are cooked in the Vietnamese and European style. All rooms of the resort are equipped with full amenities and gracefully decorated to bring the feeling of warmth and comfort for tourists.

Going to Phu Quoc is to unspoiled nature, you will be free to wander and enjoy fresh nature in the pure beaches with fine white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches stretching from north to south. Sao Beach located in the southeast of the island is always gentle and soothing. Long beach located in the north was voted as one of five most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

Along the western edge of Duong Dong Town, there are favorite beaches of foreign tourists because of the quiet and charming scenery. From here, tourists can participate in activities such as fishing, snorkeling, contemplating coral, exploring deserted island, visiting caves. Also, tourists can come here to sunbathe, enjoy the cold wind and admire the sunset on the vast ocean. When the night comes, tourists can leisurely walk on sand and hear the weaves along with their relatives.

Located to the north island, Phu Quoc primeval forest covering nearly 30 thousand hectares is recognized as the national forest with 530 species of vascular plants, 365 species of birds, 150 species of animals including many rare species listed in the Red Book. With the advantage of centralized system of forest habitats of the country such as Melaleuca forest, imperata cylindrical forest, primeval forest, Phu Quoc National Forest is the rare museum of flora and fauna of Vietnam. The forest contributes to increasing the attractiveness of Phu Quoc ecotourism.

Phu Quoc Island is also adorned by beautiful streams such as Suoi Da Ban, Suoi Tranh. Suoi Tranh stems from the small slits running from Ham Ninh Mountain. 15-kilometer-long stream is surrounded y fragrant flowers, strange glasses and green trees of Phu Quoc primeval forest. Cool water weaves through large rocks to create high waterfalls and wide pools attracting tourists.

The tourism development not only improves the circulation of goods but also stimulates the traditional crafts.  The pepper gardens, fish sauce factories are always the attractions in Ohu QUoc of tourists in tours. Pepper is the typical famous product of Phu Quoc. Currently, the Pearl Island has nearly 500 hectares of pepper, with the yield of nearly 1,500 tons/year. Phu Quoc pepper is thin and condensed, more aromatic and spicy than that in other regions. According to the farmers, thank to the soil, climate of the island and fertilizer rich in nitrogen, Phu Quoc pepper reaches such quality. Domestic and international tourists give the flavor of Phu Quoc pepper to all over the world.

Speaking to Phu Quoc cannot but mention making fish sauce profession that is famous for past 200 years. Due to the favorable natural condition, the anchovies in Phu Quoc have the high protein; local people have much experience in marinating fish. Those were the important factors to make Phu Quoc fish sauce more delicious than other fish sauces. Each year, this island provides market nearly 10 million liters of fish sauce. Many tourists don’t forget to bring the salty taste of Phu Quoc fish sauce to their countries.

In addition, Pearl Island has many things attracting tourists. Visiting Phu Quoc, tourists can watch the blue and gentle Duong Dong River which fed the first fishermen who explored and expanded the island. You can buy a glitter pearl necklace bearing to gift for your loved one. Crystallization from the life on the sea, this jewelry is noble, unique but also full natural charm. As a miniature picture of Vietnam, landscape and people in Phu Quoc always leave beautiful impression on tourists when have the chance to visiting the island.

Today, Phu Quoc has many changes and may surprise those who have been here the last years of the previous century. Phu Quoc tourism has significant improvements. The system of hotels, restaurants, recreational places on the island is continuously being invested to meet the demand of tourists.  Where you coming to Phu Quoc to relax or explore the green island, you will satisfy your desires. The pearl amidst the western sea, the high quality ecotourism area of the country is always the favorite destination of tourists.

Phu Quoc restaurants serve many dishes bearing the taste of the sea. They provide a lot of necessary nutrients for the health and contribute to enriching Phu Quoc cuisine. Coming to Saco Blue Lagoon, tourists will have the chance to enjoy herring salad. Most of restaurants in the Pearl Island have this dish on their menu. Phu Quoc is the home to herring, so fishermen can exploit year-round. Therefore, selecting the fresh fishes to make salad is not difficult. Herrings are shaved flakes, cleaned then sliced into pieces along the spine of the fish. Fishes are presented on the plate along with spices and vegetables. Herring salad is often requested to enjoy outdoor so that tourists can enjoy the dish while watching the sea.

Sim wine is new specialty of Phu Quoc, known just about 5 years ago. The first people making Sim wine in Phu Quoc is Mr. Mac Van Nghiem or so-called Bay Gao. In many times meeting tourists, he learnt about the process making Sim wine of Central Highlands’ people. Through many experiments, he succeeded and launched the featured products of the vast Sim forests in Phu Quoc. Currently, many local people have learnt from him to produce Sim wine.

In December and January of lunar calendar, ripen Sim fruits are harvested from the forest, cleaned, cut on the head and tail then grinded and mashed with sugar in a certain percentage in the anaerobic environment from 40 to 45 days. After the fermentation completes, people will squeeze juice and get a pink wine that has spicy, sweet and sour flavor like grape wine at a concentration of about 11.5%. The wine is kept in one to two month then put into bottles. The much time Sim wine is mashed, the more delicious it is. Especially, the mash wine does not use any types of yeasts but completely relies on the natural microbial fermentation when mashing sim fruits and sugar.

Sim wine of Phu Quoc processed according to the traditional method is a medicinal wine good for the health. For Phu Quoc people, Sim wine is like a gift of nature. Phu Quoc people make Sim wine from the simple life and their hospitability. It can be seen as a rustic gift for friends and relatives. For long time, Sim fruits have been only the joy of childhood in the days playing on the hills. But thanks to the love with homeland, the hard-working and creativity of local people, Sim Phu Quoc has contributed to the fame of the rich and beautiful island.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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