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Than Tho Lake

Ho Xuan Huong Road, Dalat, Lam Dong province, Vietnam

Than Tho Lake is associated with pathetic legends attracting the great number of tourists to Dalat. Among the unspoiled and majestic landscapes of dreaming Dalat, Than Tho Lake has long become one of the appealing tourist attraction in the romantic city.

Far about 6km from the city center to the northeast, Than Tho Lake is one of beautiful natural tourist attractions in Dalat. The lake is situated on a high hill surrounded by tranquil green pine trees creating the quiet peaceful feelings, which attracts numerous tourists who love to explore romantic natural landscapes and soak up the stunning scenery. Retaining an area not as large as Xuan Huong Lake, thanks to its location quite far from the city center, Than Tho Lake takes an advantages compared to other lakes in Dalat. It is home to ideal ecological terrain for tourists to participate in Dalat travel comfortably enjoying the fresh nature.


Than Tho Lake on sunny day


Than Tho Lake was formerly a swamp. The French dammed up Cam Ly stream and built a large reservoirs 8,5ha wide providing drinking water for Dalat city. Realizing that the area is desolate with the wind rustling through the leaves forming the sad melody, the French named it Lac des Soupirs. Soupir means the wind in the forest (les soupirs du vent dans les bois) and also the lament. This is also the origin of Than Tho Lake as today and becomes familiar with the citizens in Dalat. Discovering Than Tho Lake is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Dalat.


Sunrise on Than Tho Lake


The first scenery impressing tourists when visiting Than Tho Lake is the large lake located on the right of the winding path leading to the towering hills. Standing on the pine hill admiring toward the lake, tourists will catch the scenery of the water silhouetting the pine looking like a flat mirror reflecting extremely poetic scenery around the lake. Surrounding the lake is full of pine trees. Beneath the pine groves is green lawns and hiding on rough slopes is colorful flowers of hydrangea, mimosa and pensée... The charming features have contributed to bring Lake of Sighs to become one of appealing tourist Dalat attractions alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


A corner of Than Tho Lake


Along with the beautiful scenery, the internal space of Than Tho Lake is incredibly lively. On the winding roads through the pine forest is the carthorses beside the coachman as an enthusiastic tour guides taking tourists to visit. Inside the lake is the duck boats for the couples with their boisterous laugh. Along with the folk love stories such as story of Mai Huong - Hoang Tung in the 18th century, story of the pine hill with 2 graves..., the harmonious characteristics of Lake of Sighs have increasingly attracted tourists as a fascinating venue. It deserves one of the indispensable tourist addresses in the journey of discovering Dalat tour attracting the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


Pine hill with 2 graves view from Than Tho Lake


Than Tho Lake was recognized as cultural - historical relics in 1998. The landscapes in the lake is extremely poetic, the water flowing is relatively gentle and romantic along with the sounds of pine hills are peaceful. The green lawns is worth the interesting place for dating couples or those who would like to picnic or camping. Here, the tourism services are also fairly diverse, yet they are not as noisy and bustling as many other tourist area in the city. Right next to the lake is Lake of Sighs Park, which is also extremely ideal place for fun activities or camping taking place among the the airy, cool atmosphere of the nature, heaven and earth. The journey of exploring Dalat tours will be definitely much more memorable when tourists set foot on wonderful Than Tho Lake.


Tranquil scenery on Than Tho Lake


Tourists will have a chance to admire the pine forest silhouetting under the lake and take a stroll steps by steps on the green lawns or participate in horseback riding around the lake. They can also sit in the huts scattered on the grass to contemplate the orchid baskets of highland homeland. The lake always leave unforgettable impressions for tourists in mind once setting foot on here. Than Tho Lake thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Dalat tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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